Cheated Husband – How Weird Will The Next 365 Days Be?

My husband cheated on me and now I feel like my life is collapsing around me. This is how most women feel when their husband makes the terrible, selfish decision to cheat. It’s not that husbands are the only ones who cheat. However, they seem to do it more than women. It is difficult to get real and accurate statistics on how many husbands or wives cheat. If you were cheating, would you admit it to someone? The real information about infidelity comes from spouses who have confessed or been caught cheating. There are more men cheating than women, sure.

Couples and families often face many challenges. There are big and small obstacles that couples and families must overcome. For some families, economic scarcity puts pressure on relationships and households. When the focus is on getting the bare minimum to live a quality life, relationships are sometimes not nurtured. As a result, the spouses separate over time and, in some cases, blame each other for the difficult family situation. Yes, it is true that for some families relationships are closer as the family comes together to overcome challenges. I wish that was the case in all families, but it is not.

However, when husbands cheat, it is a different obstacle. The family cannot unite around a cause. Life gets very strange when your husband cheats on you. No one can really describe what it feels like or what it does to the family. I know people who said what they would do if their husband ever cheated on them. Once it happened, they had no idea what to do. Rest assured, they did not immediately do what they said they would do. We plan in our mind what we think we will do, but our hearts and emotions take over and guess what? We struggle with what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. Life gets really weird for the next 365 days and more.

My Cheated Husband – How Weird Will The Next 365 Days Be?

So how does it look weird? The definition of strange is “Surprisingly strange or unusual, especially in a haunting way; strange:” Another definition is “strange and different from anything natural or ordinary”:

This is what the relationship will be like after the infidelity is discovered. It will be very unusual and unusual.

Privacy will be non-existent or, at best, very uncomfortable. Holding hands, the public display of affection will feel strange.

The separation will be stressful. There will be moments of anxiety as the weeks and months go by. Doubt and suspicion will dominate the thoughts of the mind and the feelings of the heart. When he’s late for work, you’ll wonder if he’s cheating. As the unanswered phone call occurs, questions will arise about who was calling and if it was your lover. Any prolonged gaze at another lady will trigger feelings of betrayal, resentment, and anxiety. Life will just be strange next year.

Husbands who cheat and really feel sorry for what they did will do their best to make things right. Often they will be less resistant to your requests. A cheating spouse will argue less and do everything he can to get back on your good side. What he will wait for is forgiveness and a return to the relationship before the infidelity. Unfortunately, getting back to normal is not always so easy. Anyway, for some couples, normal wasn’t that great to start with. In general, there were some problems before the adventure happened. Returning to a state of conflict and unhappiness is not the best thing that could happen.

Why husbands cheat on their wives has been talked about for centuries. There are those husbands who cite popular reasons like;

• Needed more attention

• I was seduced by my lover

• My wife no longer makes me happy

• I was under the influence and made a mistake.

The list of excuses can get quite creative on the part of some cheating husbands;

• I wanted to be a better lover for my wife.

• Helped me relieve stress and made me a better husband and father

• I did it to help my career

• I thought it would keep me happy and allow me to stay married

The strange thing about the husband’s confessions is that they are not believed because of the sincerity with which they are told. No wife really understands why her husband cheated on her, unless she deliberately took steps to drive him away. If their relationship was under extreme stress and they were practically divorced physically and emotionally, she might understand. Otherwise, a cheating husband’s explanation for cheating falls on deaf ears and a cold heart.

When a husband cheats, it takes a long time for his wife to believe and trust him again. It happens and it could happen sooner than it deserves to be trusted again. Trust is restored through a series of actions and reactions. If your husband has cheated on you, take the time you need to trust him again. However, once you decide that trust has been earned, make sure you have limits. Without them, none of you will be able to know what behavior is acceptable or unacceptable.

So how weird will it be because he cheated? Very rare! Now you have to rebuild your life along with this problem that has separated you. If other people know about it, it is even more difficult to heal your marriage. The good news is that you can get over your husband’s infidelity, if that’s what you want to do. You will not be the first or the last couple to get over infidelity.

A broken heart and a family is difficult to rebuild. It is very important that you realize that it is a different process for each couple. Some may recover quickly from the husband’s affair and put their marriage back on the right track. Others take years to mend their hearts and get their lives back. Unfortunately, many couples are unable to put it back together and end up getting divorced.

If you are facing this next strange stage in your marriage because your husband cheated on you, take heart. There are better days ahead for you and your spouse who cheated on you. You can restore trust, rebuild love, and get your life back, even though your husband cheated on you.

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