Federal Crimes and Drug Defense Lawyer John Helm

Drug Defense Lawyer John Helm

The criminal justice practice of Federal Crimes and Drug Defense Lawyer John Helm is a dynamic and aggressive combination of experience and knowledge. He is a former federal prosecutor with thirty years of trial experience and has won every trial he’s tried. In addition, Mr. Helms is recognized by his peers as a “SuperLawyer,” a designation he earned through numerous prestigious awards. He is a tireless litigator and has successfully defended the rights of countless clients, including some of the country’s largest companies.

Prior to joining a law firm, John Helms ran his own criminal defense and commercial litigation practice. He worked on criminal defense and civil and commercial litigation cases, and was named to the Editorial Board of the Texas Law Review. He began his legal career as a clerk for former Fifth Circuit Judge Charles Clark, and later became a partner at Susman Godfrey. From there, he became a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of Texas, and has represented some of the nation’s most prominent corporations.

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As a former federal prosecutor, John Helms has extensive experience defending clients in criminal cases. He has never lost a trial or appeal. He is known for meticulously evaluating both sides of the case, and his unique legal style is an advantage to any defendant. His aggressive and zealous approach has earned him many awards, and he is also regarded as one of the top attorneys in the country.

Federal Crimes and Drug Defense Lawyer John Helm

Federal Crimes and Drug Defense Attorney John Helms has successfully defended his clients in numerous trials, resulting in acquittals and dismissals. During his time as a federal prosecutor, Mr. Helms never lost a trial. This enables him to aggressively defend his clients while preserving their freedom. A Dallas criminal defense attorney can help you navigate this tumultuous time.

As a former federal prosecutor in the Northern District of Texas, John Helms has the experience and skill to defend his clients against criminal charges. In fact, he has never lost a trial or appeal. His aggressive style allows him to assess both sides of a case and ensure that his clients’ rights are protected. A successful defense is the key to winning the case. Don’t lose your liberty or your freedom.

John Helms is an experienced and effective criminal defense attorney in Dallas. He spent almost three years as a federal prosecutor in the Northern District of Texas and never lost a case. He has handled many complex criminal cases and has the skills to handle them. As a result, he knows how to balance both sides of a case. As a result of his experience, he has won many awards. His high level of success in trial and appeal is a testament to his commitment to his clients.

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