Follow your heart, it’s smarter than you think

Your Heart is an amazing organ, unique in both its physical functions and energetic properties, and therefore needs extra special attention and definitely tender loving care.

Aside from the well-known fact that the heart is the first major organ to develop in the fetus after conception, it is also impossible to live without an intensely beating heart inside each of our bodies. Furthermore, the heart’s ability to tell us when we fall in love, experience joy, feel gratitude, and appreciate beauty is undoubtedly the tour de force of our passions in the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment throughout our lives.

While these claims are nothing new, neurophysicists have recently been surprised to discover that the heart is more an organ of intelligence than simply the body’s main pumping station. In fact, these new discoveries include intriguing evidence that more than half of the heart is made up of neurons of the same nature as those that make up the brain system. Not only that, but the heart also emits an electromagnetic field 5,000 times stronger than the brain. Joseph Chilton-Pearce, author of The Biology of Transcendence, calls the heart “the main biological apparatus within us and the seat of our highest intelligence.”

According to the Heart Math Institute, “The heart and the brain maintain an ongoing two-way dialogue, each influencing the functioning of the other. The signals that the heart sends to the brain can influence perception, emotional processing, and higher cognitive functions; neurocardiology researchers view this system and circuitry as the “brain of the heart.” In a specific comment on intuition, HeartMath goes on to say, “The intuition or intelligence of the heart provides the freedom and power to achieve what The mind, even with all the disciplines or affirmations in the world, can’t do it if it’s not in sync with the heart.”

The HeartMath Institute has also conducted additional research studies related to our emotions and more, which they call “Emotional Energy Research” and publishes the following statement on their website:

“The heart produces by far the most powerful rhythmic electromagnetic field in the body, which can be detected from several feet away by sensitive instruments. Research shows that our heart field clearly changes as we experience different emotions. It is recorded in the brains of people around us and is apparently capable of affecting cells, water and DNA studied in vitro.Increasing evidence also suggests that energetic interactions involving the heart may underlie intuition and important aspects of human consciousness.”

This new emerging scientific evidence has the enormous power and potential to open the mind of anyone who is willing to stop long enough and reflect on what this really means for each and every one of us. We are not only discovering the true potential of each individual if he begins to live from his heart, rather than solely from his logical mind, but also to fully understand the truth that we are all intimately connected and collectively one.

Additional evidence to support this truth was found when the researchers looked a little closer and revealed an even more surprising discovery; that each heart cell is unique in that it not only pulses in sync with all other heart cells, but also produces an electromagnetic signal that radiates beyond the cell. An EEG that measures brain waves shows that the heart’s electromagnetic signals are much stronger than brain waves, so a reading of the heart’s frequency spectrum can be taken from three feet away from the body, without the need to attach electrodes .

The following news is one of the most interesting, since the geometric shape that creates the electromagnetic frequency of the Heart has the shape of a toroid field. Similar to the shape of a doughnut, the toroidal field of the heart radiates from the chest to a distance of twelve to fifteen feet from the body, and then wraps around and returns through the back, creating the ‘hole in the doughnut’ in the middle. . The axis of this torus of the heart extends from the pelvic floor to the top of the skull, and the entire field is holographic, meaning information about it can be read from any and all points within the energy field. of the bull

Even more intriguing is that Hearts’ toroid electromagnetic field is not the only source that emits this type of electromagnetic field. In fact, all atoms emit the same energetic toroidal field. The Earth also emits its own electromagnetic field (well documented) in the same torus shape. And so does the solar system, and even our galaxy. And, they are all holographic.

Scientists believe there is a good chance that there really is only one universal torus encompassing an infinite number of interacting holographic tori within its spectrum. And, because toroidal electromagnetic fields are holographic in nature, it is more than likely that the sum total of our Universe is present within the frequency spectrum of a single torus.

This means that each of us is connected to the entire Universe, in a very real and observable way, and as such, each of us has access to all of the information within this Universal energy field, at any given time. When we still ourselves and access what we have in our Hearts, we literally connect with the limitless supply and wisdom of the Universe, allowing what we perceive to be “miracles” to enter our lives.

This amazing organ that we often ignore, neglect and build walls around, is where we can find our greatest strength, our faith, our courage and our compassion, enabling our higher emotional intelligence that can, if we allow it, guide us along. our lives.

Anyone today can start living from their Heart, easily and simply by learning to meditate, since meditation will allow them to easily access the inner wisdom of their Heart and that of the Universe.

As each of us begins this ‘silent revolution of living from the Heart’, we will begin to see it reflected in our lives and in our world. It is also how each of us will create real and lasting change in our personal lives and, as a direct result, also co-create a new and better world in the process.

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