Freelance Writers: You Need A Weekly Marketing Plan

Most freelance writers who make a living from their work will tell you that they are typically doing one of two things. They are working (on a writing assignment) or looking for work (more writing assignments). That’s the only way for both work and money to flow constantly so you can pay your bills on time.

One way to make it easier for new jobs to come in is to develop a weekly marketing plan. A good day to develop your plan for the week is Sunday night (when you are preparing for the work week) or Monday morning (before starting work). It is not difficult to develop a marketing plan for the week. The key is to do it every week.

Your weekly marketing plan should consist of a list of the following:

1. Editors and other contacts – These are the people you plan to call or email during the week. This may include an editor you want to consult, or one you need to follow up with about an assignment or contract, or it could be an editor who requested a resume and writing samples and should send them to that editor this week.

2. Job boards or other job listings – These are sites that you plan to check out to see if there are any new job openings that interest you. If you know certain websites are posting new writing jobs on Tuesday, write that down in your plan for Tuesday. If you don’t have a list of job boards online, plan to spend an hour or so over the next week searching for a few. Also, subscribe to ezines for writers (which include job postings) if you haven’t subscribed to at least some yet.

3. Promotional Activities: You must constantly promote yourself and your writing in order to be an active writer. If you have a website or blog, updating it every week is part of this promotion. If you don’t have a website or blog to promote your writing, then you need to create one, so “get started on website” or “blog” would go into this category of your marketing plan.

Writing press releases about your business or for a new book coming out, or getting contracts for schools or other organizations that want to hire you as a speaker are other activities that fall into this category. Free article writing for article directories can also be included here as these articles will help promote you and your writing services.

4. Networking activities: This category is a bit different from networking or promotional activities. If you belong to a community organization or writing group, write down how you plan to use these networking groups this week. You can plan to join a writers list server and then introduce yourself to everyone on the list this week, or you may want to attend your local business association meeting to inform other business owners in your area about your writing services. . Just make sure you have at least a few plans to network with other writers and / or companies each week.

You can make your weekly marketing plan as general or as detailed as you like. But once you’ve written all of your marketing plans for the week, you’ll know how much time you should have available to work on your current writing assignments. Generally, working writers weave their marketing activities into their writing activities every day. But some writers prefer to do all their marketing on Mondays, so they have the rest of the week to work on assignments. This is a good plan, but if you’ve requested multiple writing assignments, you may get a response from an editor during the week and will have to follow up with them right away rather than waiting until next Monday to try. to carry out most of your marketing activities. In a case like this, it helps to be flexible.

One of the great rewards of constantly developing a weekly marketing plan is that you will start to receive more and more job offers. In fact, sometimes you will receive offers for jobs that you have not even applied for. Editors will simply find your website or blog and call or email to see if you are available for an assignment. When this happens, you will realize how important a weekly marketing plan can be.

So no matter what day of the week it is right now, if you don’t have a marketing plan for this week, get busy and develop one. You will be glad you did.

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