Get hutches

Rabbit huts are cozy little houses where you can put your furry friends. Made of wood, hutches can come in different designs to cope with just about anything your little friend wants. Coincidentally, hutches are quite small, so they are also great for small animals like guinea pigs.

What to look for in the cabins

The cabins are made of wood, so you will find all kinds of cabins made of different types of wood. However, since they are usually placed outdoors, you will want to choose one that is made from very sturdy wood like Redwood. White wooden huts are cheaper, but the material is inferior, so they do not usually last as long. Part of being located outdoors is being subject to rain, which is why you want a hutch with a roof covering. Rubber is a typical roof covering and will do an excellent job waterproofing. Check the latches and latches to make sure they are strong. You don’t want to put your rabbit in an outdoor house only to find that the house cannot contain your rabbit. You will also want hutches that are large enough. The size of a hutch depends on the size of your rabbit. At a minimum, get a four-foot hutch, as this is the least space a dwarf rabbit needs to be comfortable. If you have larger rabbits, then five-foot hutches are your best options. To give your rabbits room to exercise, look for hutches with runners that they can jump into.

Do you really have to get a hutch?

If you don’t have a hutch, then you will need to keep your rabbits indoors. Actually, this would be fine if your home wasn’t such a dangerous place for a rabbit. Dangerous? Is your house dangerous? Yes. In fact, danger lurks in every corner of your home and they come in the form of electrical cables. Rabbits are very fond of gnawing on things as their teeth are still growing and unfortunately one of their favorites around the house is electrical cord. Whether it’s a power cord for your laptop, your TV, or any other electrical appliance, rabbits will find and gnaw at them, putting them at high risk of electrocution or burns to the mouth. This is why a hutch is ideal, you don’t have to worry about wires so you can help ensure the well-being of your rabbit.

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