Google Mum – Are They Any Good?

Google Mum

Google Moms is a high end system that allows anyone to make a site and get free traffic from all the major search engines, for a relatively low price. But if you really want to climb up the rankings and see your website rise up in the listings, you’ll have to employ an SEO expert who’s shown himself with considerable success at making websites gain top listing positions. You’ll find these experts online and they’re willing to help you achieve that high page ranking position that you’ve always desired. The problem is finding someone who’ll give you the services that you need at an affordable price and in the kind of quality that you need.

Google Mums is no exception. The service offers many benefits to any internet marketer and they do provide some of the best SEO services around. But while you can get good value for money, you won’t find the kind of high class quality that you can get from a professional site like Google SEO. It’s a shame that such a service is so expensive, but on the other hand, the results that you’ll get will be more than enough to justify the high price tag.

Google MUM SEO Expert

It’s all about getting ranked highly in the major search engine directories. And this is where Google Mums comes into its own. They offer services that are aimed at helping you get to the top listing positions on the major search engine results pages (SERPs). The site boasts a wide range of tools that are designed to monitor rankings across the board and ensure that you get noticed by the people who are looking for what you offer. You can use such tools as Google Trends to keep an eye on what the public is searching for and Google AdWords to get your website noticed by those who are searching for specific products or services.

Are They Any Good?

In fact, Google Mums claims to offer some of the best SEO services around. But even if they do have some fantastic tools and high class marketing skills, they are not some of the most experienced SEO companies around. Their website claims to be four years in the making, which gives the impression that they are fairly new on the scene and are able to provide you with some great marketing services. You can also get some great ideas from the site on how to design your site. However, the site is very vague about what you need in order to be successful and often misdirects you to buy their other services.

Google Mum has a huge number of benefits, mainly focused on improving your website page rank. However, it does seem to be hit and miss, and it seems to have a limit to how much it will improve your SERP ranking. For example, on their About Us page they claim “We work hard to make sure that our pages are easy to navigate, that they are search engine friendly and informative.” However, they don’t actually list any tools on the About Us page, so if you were to try searching for their services online, you would never know whether or not they were good at what they claim they are good at.

All in all, Google Mums is a fantastic service that will certainly help you get your site seen by more people. Their fees are reasonably priced, and their page rank optimization services definitely help your site get found. But if their other services aren’t right for your needs, or you just want to see a more thorough list of what you need to do to improve your page rank and traffic, then they may not be right for you. Try other SEO companies before committing to Google Mum.

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