Harley Davidson Golf Cart: An American Classic

Finding a Harley Davidson golf cart in mint condition is a real find. You’ll find Harley Davidson Golf Cart collectors all over the United States. The Harley Davidson company began building golf carts in 1963. They began by building both gas-powered golf vehicles and electric cars.

The first Harley golf carts were three-wheelers. The cart had 2 rear wheels and a central wheel at the front. The car had a single steering bar that was used instead of a steering wheel. This steering handle is actually called a rudder wheel. Three-wheeled cars are less stable in sharp turns than their four-wheeled cousins, but the unique look of the car makes collectors salivate when they see a nice one. Electric cars were actually less popular and therefore fewer of these cars exist today.

The backs of some of the carts were raised to give him a deep well. This pit is where the golf club bags were placed. This particular model is known as the “Classic”. These models also had only three wheels. Although the rear was raised, this is not to be confused with the raised golf carts sometimes seen today.

HD eventually migrated their designs to the more common and stable four wheel design that we normally see today. At the time of the four-wheel drive design, Harley Davidson did something unique with the body design. They allowed the rear of the body to be lifted up to service the engine. Essentially, the rear of the carriage was on a hinge. It was at this time that Harley Davidson returned to battery powered motors.

Harley Davidson golf cart parts are still available. Collectors may have to search eBay listings or go to flea markets, but they can be found. Also, old cars have been relegated to scrap, but some have been left untouched with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking parts from them to use for restoration projects. In addition to the old parts, some newer ones have been made to fit the cars.

A 250cc two-stroke petrol engine was used in the four-wheel and three-wheel Harleys wagon models. 6 – six volt batteries power the 36 volt battery model. The cars themselves sell for around $200-$500 in poor condition. The key is trying to find the Harley Davidson golf cart parts that may be needed to finish the job.

Harley’s End
In 1969, Harley sold his business to the American Machine and Foundry Company (AMF). AMF continued production until it sold the car division to Columbia Par Car in 1982. You’ll hear some Harley Davidson cars called AMF Harley Davidson golf cars. Those cars were manufactured in the time frame from 1969 to 1982.

The attraction to HD carts began to fade and production was finally stopped in 1982. Since then, a number of companies have produced low-cost, quality replica Harley-Davidson golf carts. For those who want an original, it is highly recommended to have the cart checked out by a golf cart expert first.

Today, people drive these street-legal cars around golf courses and retirement villages. Owners continue to purchase golf cart accessories for Harley Davidson carts as many of these carts are still in active use. Restoring these carts is not only fun but rewarding. There really isn’t much to a golf cart and HD restoration because it’s not only fun but a pretty easy project. It’s certainly a lot easier than trying to restore a car.

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