How Home Insurance Lawyers Can Help Settle Your Case

Terri-Lynn Robinson’s entire life was turned upside down when a dispute with her ex-husband went disastrously wrong. As she packed up to move out, she decided to get revenge. He grabbed a barbecue lighter and set the entire bed skirt on fire. With her in the room. In a matter of minutes, his room caught fire. While Terri was able to escape, her home and life were in shambles. His house, subject to arson, was uninhabitable. He approached his insurance company, who responded by denying his claim. Her reason was that since her ex-husband had title to the property, the damage was caused by the homeowner and therefore was not covered. Terri is a victim of spousal abuse; he lost his home during the dissolution of his marriage. When things couldn’t get worse, they told her she was alone. The insurance she had paid for would not intervene. Terri had to pay a mortgage on a “rotten shell” while living in a shelter. He was unable to pay for his income repairs and now faces the very real possibility of bankruptcy and the loss of the rest of his possessions. If you are in a similar situation, a home insurance attorney can help you.

This happens more than you think

Terri-Lynn is not the first woman to be a victim of spousal abuse and arson. She is definitely not the first to have claims wrongly denied. The tragic result of these denials can be the total loss of quality of life and home. Home insurance attorneys are the link between these horrible tragedies and a successful outcome. Lawyers fight for your rights and your insurance claims. Insurance pays for you to be there when you need it most. It is a tragedy that this money is lost, leaving it out of your pocket for additional expenses that you cannot afford during the worst periods of your life.

Lawyers get results

Insurance companies are just that: companies. Businesses exist to make money. In addition to this, there is a lot of scrutiny on insurance claims to ensure that a claim is not fraud. Unfortunately, this type of scrutiny often leaves homeowners last, with their claims denied. Home insurance attorneys are familiar with the laws and regulations related to insurance and claims. If your claim is denied, your next best step is to call for help.

Most home insurance attorneys work on commission. This means that they are not paid until you do. They understand that their current situation has already created financial stress. Hiring an attorney shouldn’t add any more stress to your current situation. If you can get the help you need to fight a claim that needs to be paid. To get the money you need to repair your home and life without the out-of-pocket costs, make the call. Home insurance attorneys are there to fight for you. They are the middle man who understands your situation and has the legal knowledge to work on your behalf. He paid to make his insurance available to him. A home insurance attorney will take the time to make sure this is exactly what happens.

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