How is Google search changing us?

Typing in Google and searching for things has never been easier. Have you ever wondered how it is changing us? Read on for ideas.

For example, we want to search for the meaning of a word or find synonyms for that word. We can find the answer in a matter of a few clicks. In the old days when the web wasn’t there, we had to turn the pages of a dictionary and find the word we were looking for to match the first alphabets.

Without a doubt, a Google search has made it easier. Today we are too reluctant and lazy to consult a solid dictionary when Google is so helpful.

We can also find relevant information for research in the niche that interests us. We can find new sites and bookmark them for future reference. All this information can be retrieved in Google clicks.

However, not all information on the web corresponding to a Google search can be 100% relevant and accurate. In that case, we may have to buy books and consult them. So for short runs it’s fine and we can take it. But if we are writing a thesis, a research paper, an article or a report, this is where solid books come into play.

Not all searches on Google give the answer we are looking for. Sometimes we fall into a loop, clicking continuously and wasting time when information can be found correctly in catalogs or in our office library.

Free forums are available on the web, and a Google search on them can allow us to discover them. I think it is good to consult the forums for the information you need urgently. This may be related to scheduling problems or other issues. If they are popular, you will get good solutions to your problems from the gurus or experts on those forums.

Fiction e-books are also useful on many free sites. Instead of spending money on fictions, you can download good fiction e-books from the sites and these sites that you can find on Google.

The advantages of a Google search have made our lives much simpler, easier and more welcoming by allowing us to access the required information at a rapid pace. But for long-term commitments that, as I explained before, Google searches simply waste our time without giving us the information we need and in that case, it is more reliable for us to consult a library.

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