How To Find Sites That Are Highly Likely To Link To You -OSEO-09-.mp3

How To Find Sites That Are Highly Likely To Link To You -OSEO-09-.mp3

Speaker 1 Hello, guys, this is Team Solo from a Trev’s, and today I want to show you how to find sites that are highly likely to link to you. You’re watching episode number nine of the oversimplified s. E o. How do you know if someone is likely to link to you? Well, if some site is linking to a few of your competitors but does not link to your site. That’s probably because he doesn’t know about it yet. So your job is to reach out to this guy and look for opportunities to get included. Let me show you how to do this.

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Speaker 2 I usually try to come up with a case study to better illustrate things that I’m talking about in my videos. And today’s episode of Oversimplified Israel Won’t be an Exception. The website you see on my screen is a little side project of mine called with this. This is basically a WordPress plugin that lets you create tradable quotes. And obviously there are quite a few competing solutions that I have opened here in the times of my browser. So the first one is click to tweet online service. I’m sure many of you heard about it because it’s a very popular service. And the other two are what free WordPress plugins that you can find in WordPress or plug in Repository one is called click to tweet by schedule and the other is called Better Click to Tweet. So now, as the owner of this website, I want to know if there are any sites that link to three of my competitors but do not link to my site. And like any security threats, we have a tool that does just that. It’s called Intersect Tool, and you can find it under labs drop down menu.


As you can see, the tool is pretty much self-explanatory. And it says, show me who is linking to all of the below targets but doesn’t link to the other side. I’m going to fill these three targets with websites of my competitors that I have here and the last one with my own site done for click to tweet. I am picking the domain option because they want to get all links to any pages on this website and for other to plug ins in WordPress repository. I want to see people who are linking to the executor of the blog because if we pick domain here, I will get links to all other plugins that reside under WordPress dot org domain and for my own site. I also pick your URL because the plugin page is situated on the homepage and I also have a blog, a flat page and other pages.

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And I’m only interested in people who link to the homepage of my blog. And so we click shoaling opportunities. And they get a report with four different sites, and each of them is linking to all three of my competitors, but don’t link to me for every one of my competitor sites, there’s a dedicated column. And under that column, you can see the amount of Bucklings coming from each of these four sites. And if you click on the little button here, you can check the exact page where the links are located. For example, let’s check which page on the Assael plus dot dot UK website is linking to my competitors. I just opened this page in the new tab. I can see that this is a recent article from July 22 written by Hazel Jerrett, and if I scroll down a bit, I can easily find the mention of two of my competitors.

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Click to read by today made and better click to tweet plug in. He says that both of them are fantastic plugins. So what I might do is look for contact information of Hazel Jarrett, the author of this article. Show him my plug in and persuade him to put a link to my plug in right next to the links of these other two competitors. There is a chance that he might actually do that. Now, let’s go back to the link intersexual and see what other sites link to all my competitors. Let’s check, for example, this one, Alan H dot com, again, a click, expand and open the page that is linking to all three of my competitors, but not me. From what I can see, this is some kind of community website where people can ask questions and get replies.

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So someone was asking for click to tweet alternatives and the other guy replied to him with quite a few options, but he didn’t link to my own plugin. So what I would do is just create an account at the site. This is free as far as I can see, and leave a reply with a link to my own to. So this is how you find new opportunities with the Trev’s link intersect, too, but as you can see, there are only four websites that link to all three of my competitors. That’s not much of link opportunities. So I might want to check websites that link to any two of these three competitors and will link intersect. I can easily do that. I just click back. It saves my previous search. And here in the show me who is linking to option. I change from all of the below targets to any of the below targets so that the tool will show me sites that link to any two or any of my competing sites. Now this is a much bigger list. As you can see at the top, there are the same four websites that link to all three of my competitors. You can see this here in the Intersect column. And then you have quite a few websites that link to two of the three competitors and the competitors that they are not linking to is marked with, not available. All these websites are great opportunities because they link to a few of your competitors but don’t link to you. So your job is to open all these pages that link to your competitors and see if there is a chance for you to secure a link to your own site on this page.

Speaker 1 That’s it for today’s episode of oversimplified SVO link, Intersect is a great tool, and I’m sure if you play with it for a while, you’ll discover lots of great opportunities for your website. And now I want you to do two things. First, subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this one. And second, watch my previous video about broken links and broken back links. It’s cool, I promise you. So that’s it. Bye, guys.

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