Importance of an alkaline diet

One of the easiest and most beneficial things we can do for our overall health is to check our body’s pH level to make sure we have a good acid / alkaline balance. If we do not have a good pH level, that is, an alkaline system, then we must take steps to correct it. We can exercise and get rid of toxins, but if our acid / alkaline balance is too far away either way, our overall health suffers and we can develop non-specific symptoms such as poor digestion, bloating, headaches, and weight gain, aches and pains. muscle and joint. fatigue and flu-like symptoms that just won’t go away.

Then there may also be urinary symptoms and kidney stones, bone loss, skin problems, and gum disease.

How can we change this?

First, it’s a good idea to check your morning pH. This can be done with a urine test strip and from there you look at what foods you eat on a daily basis and what foods you need on a daily basis, the two lists can be very different!

There are many acid / alkaline food tables available, and I’ve included a short one here to give you an idea of ​​the basic foods.

The confusion that can occur when looking at the acid / alkaline value of some foods can be clarified by explaining that when we digest food, the by-product of some foods is acidic and other foods alkaline, and this is what changes our body pH.

Most of us would think that a lemon is acidic and an orange would be alkaline. Would you believe that lemon is alkaline and orange acidic?

Most protein-rich foods are acid-forming, as are sugar, coffee, alcohol, and grains, and most fresh fruits and vegetables are alkaline-formed along with most nuts and seeds.

Take a look at the simple food list and it might surprise you!

Low acid foods

Figs, Tomatoes, Clams, Butter, Chic Peas, Brown Rice, Dates, Peas, Cream, Baked Beans, Buckwheat Flour, Guava, Rhubarb, Curd Cheese, Beans, Plums, Carrots, Egg Whites, Peas, Plums, Spinach .

Medium Acid Forming Foods

Blueberries, fresh corn, salmon, cottage cheese, peanuts, white rice, pomegranates, tuna, cream cheese, whole wheat flour, ripe olives, chicken, whole eggs, rye flour.

High acid foods

Shrimp, Camembert Cheese, White Flour, Lobster, Steak, Veal, Bacon.

Low alkaline forming foods

Coconut, olive oil, avocado oil, cod liver oil, green / herbal tea.

Medium Alkaline Formation Foods

Raisins, zucchini, clarified butter, cashews, grapes, beets, garlic, blueberries, cabbage, lentils, broccoli, apples, pumpkin, cherries, apricots, grapefruit, avocado, olives, green banana, pears / peaches, lemons

High alkaline forming foods

Blackberries, Asparagus, Nectarines, Celery, Strawberries, Onions, Persimmon, Parsnip, Raspberries, Sweet Potatoes, Tangerines, Limes, Papaya, Pineapple, Ginger, Watermelon, Melon / Melon.

By choosing 80% of the foods from the alkaline-forming food group and adding 20% ​​of the meat / dairy and other acid-forming foods, you will be able to re-evaluate what your pH results have been by doing another urine test. By totally reducing the amount of processed foods you keep in your cupboard and freezer, and having a different way of looking at food, we will soon be able to change our pH level and ultimately our overall health.

We have quite inventive minds and it is not too difficult to be creative to produce new and tasty foods using ingredients that are beneficial and leaving others behind.

Here is a sample meal plan for you to play with.

Breakfast: Omelette with onion, pepper and tomatoes Cup of herbal or ginger tea

Snack Cherries and apricots, Sunflower seeds

Lunch Grilled and garden chicken salad with lemon dill vinaigrette.

Snack Almonds: When selecting almonds, make sure they do not have any signs of black mold.

Dinner Lentil soup Baked lamb with roasted potato, parsnip, sweet potato, carrot or baby spinach salad with cherry tomatoes and pumpkin Grape compote and melon for dessert …. Yum!

Making the switch can be great!

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