Islamic gifts to welcome new babies

Almost all religions and cultures have traditions regarding the arrival of a new baby in a family, such as pre-arrival baby showers, christenings, and celebratory parties after the baby arrives. Similarly, Islam and Islamic countries follow the tradition of an Aqeeqa upon the arrival of the bundle of joy.

Aqeeqa incorporates the sacrifice of a lamb or a goat in order to ward off evil eyes or beings that may harm the baby. Plus, it gives parents the opportunity to celebrate this joyous occasion with friends and family, and features the latest addition for everyone. It also provides guests with the opportunity to extend their good wishes and a selection of Islamic gifts to the baby. Another advantage of Aqeeqa is that the poor are also given a fair share of the meat of the slaughtered animal. In short, an aqeeqa turns out to be both a social and a community event, allowing parents to share their joy with rich and poor.

Aqeeqa can also be considered the baby shower for Muslims, as this is the time when Islamic gifts for baby and mother. This particular affair boasts of offering a wide selection of Islamic gifts that are helpful and useful for the new mother and her child together. Islamic gifts offered at an Aqeeqa generally include personalized clothing and bedding such as blankets and body suits, a collection of important suras from the Quran, or a complete digital Quran that the mother can turn on for the baby to hear from the early childhood. Feeding items such as baby bottles, cups, and bowls with sacred messages printed or engraved on them.

Other Islamic gifts that are considered appropriate for an Aqeeqa are hand-knitted wraps, caps, gloves and socks for the baby, gold jewelry such as pendants with “Allah” or “Muhammad” written on them, which identify the child as Muslim by birth. . Halal baby lotions, shampoos and soaps that contain no off-label ingredients are also available in certain locations. As these types of products are relatively new and not readily available everywhere, they are Islamic gifts intended for a Muslim baby and, at the same time, they also promote awareness of such products among people who are unaware of their existence.

In short, any Islamic gift is welcomed by the family members of the little bundle of joy, as the gift promotes love and a happy bond between the giver and the recipient. Therefore, the Holy Prophet himself (PBUH) strongly recommends giving gifts in Islam.

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