Learning to market your products on social sites

When you decide to market your products within any of the many social communities found online, your sales tactics will likely need to change. The sales and marketing strategies that give you the best results on social sites are much more subtle, requiring your patience and perseverance!

Here are 3 ‘tweaks’ you might want to consider regarding the sales tactics you use when looking to promote anything on these social sites!

contribute first

The best way to grab the attention of others in social communities is to add value to the conversation! Always remember that your first step is to be noticed and then accepted by other members who frequent the site! The best way to accomplish this is to join the conversations people are having and contribute comments and/or information that these people will find valuable. Once you have captured the attention of others, you now need to focus on building your credibility and this is achieved by being consistently interesting or helpful. Simply put, you are simply establishing a foundation of trust that will make any sales tactic you decide to use even more effective.

don’t be obvious

The use of subtlety when implementing any sales and marketing strategy on social sites was mentioned earlier! The reason for this is simply that if others feel that your only intention is to sell them something, they will ignore you! The most effective approach is to wait for the best time to make regular product ‘suggestions’ and not be obvious using high pressure tactics! By avoiding cheeky pitches in this way, you’ll also have the opportunity to make other ‘suggestions’ later on!

maintain relationships

Just about everyone who works online is familiar with the value of list building and how it can help you get repeat customers easily! Well, the same principle works when promoting within social communities! By making occasional product suggestions and then building and maintaining relationships with others, it gives you the ability to make repeat sales! Remember that your promotional efforts are only effective if you emphasize relationship building and this emphasis must be maintained!

To market your products effectively in any of the social communities available online, you will probably need to ‘soften’ your sales tactics! When promoting on the internet, it is generally recommended to be as direct and direct as possible due to the clutter and noise that this environment consumes. On the other hand, these same sales and marketing strategies will NOT serve you well when working within any of the social communities! Since these sites are simply meant to socialize, it is advisable and suggested to adjust your sales tactics as discussed above, to help you get better results!

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