Listen to your essential silent partner

Your essential silent partner (ESP) refers to the quantum realm of reality. It is the infinite field of energy that includes and goes beyond the limits of physical existence. In the quantum dimension, there are no limitations or limits to what is possible. At this level of reality, you have unlimited access to whatever resources you need. However, humanity has lost much of its connection to this infinite source of wisdom and possibility. This is because we have developed a selfish mindset that dictates who we are and what is possible for us. The egotistical worldview is based on past experiences and limits our ability to transcend what we see. However, our authentic self always remains connected to that infinite field of energy and possibility. The deliberate creation process puts you back in touch with your essential silent partner.

The reason negative people, events, and circumstances show up in your life is because you are somehow out of sync with your authentic self. However, this separation from your essential silent partner is an illusion. You are always connected to the endless list of possibilities that exist in the quantum realm of reality. Thinking that you are separate from these possibilities only closes your ability to receive the things that are freely offered to you. Your authentic self is not restricted by fears, worries, limitations, or doubts. It has knowledge that your conscious mind is not capable of perceiving. By tapping into your authentic self, you will be provided with the knowledge, skills, and resources you need to fulfill the true desires of your heart.

You are the writer, protagonist and director of the drama that is your life. Using your ESP, you will move naturally toward fulfilling your true life purpose. You will do it without needing to know every detail of your trip. Unlimited possibilities are available to you in the quantum realm of reality. It is at this level that deliberate creation occurs. Once you take advantage of the resources available, life’s challenges will no longer cause you to struggle, worry, or doubt.

We are all connected to a higher intelligence and each of us was put on this planet to fulfill a specific purpose. Your authentic self is continually aware of this purpose and wishes to align you with it. Your authentic self guides you towards your life purpose through desire and feeling. The human ego, however, is focused on achieving material possessions, popularity, prestige, and recognition. Seeking these things alone will not satisfy your deepest need for happiness and fulfillment. If you follow an ego-based life strategy, happiness will always elude you. True happiness can only be achieved when you are connected to your life purpose.

To use the power of deliberate creation, you must access resources at the quantum level. The true desires of your heart will plague you with anxiety and discontent, until your actions are in harmony with the intentions of your higher self. You can listen to your ESP by tuning in to what inspires you. When you are aligned with your true life purpose, you will experience an inner sense of “knowing.” You will be inspired to do those things that connect you to your true life purpose. This will be true even when the actions you need to take seem risky or difficult. You may not be aware of your individual mission on this planet. However, if you listen to your ESP, you will overcome any obstacle and build the life you really want.

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