Lose weight – 3 things to remember!

Losing weight: we’ve all had to do it and we all know how difficult it is. There is so much information out there about weight loss and so many different approaches that it can get confusing very quickly. What diet should I follow, should I exercise a lot, should I try the latest herbal miracle on the market? The intention of this article is to remind the beginner (and the expert too) of the 3 fundamental basic concepts when it comes to losing weight:

eat less

It’s no secret that we need to eat less to lose weight. But it’s common knowledge, but it’s so hard to do. Eating less goes against our human nature to eat our fill. The food is very very good and it is very difficult to stop eating in the middle of a delicious meal. In fact, it’s just torture to do that!

However, eating less is essential to losing weight, so how do we go about it? You can take a two-step approach by choosing the right food to eat and eating the right amount of that food. Eat more fruits and vegetables and stay away from fried and greasy foods. A good rule of thumb for eating the right amount of food is to stop eating before you feel full. Eat until you feel like you’re not starving and stay away from the rest.

Do more exercise

No surprise here either, right? Exercise burns energy in the form of calories, and calories are the last thing we need when losing weight. When you burn more calories, you are giving your body less energy to store as fat. And it makes you feel better too!

The problem most of us have with exercise is being able to do it consistently. We do it when we have time, if we really feel like it, or if we really feel like breaking a sweat that day. When it comes to exercise, starting with small steps is perfectly fine. Once you hit the first 30 minute mark, I can guarantee you’ll feel great and your body will thank you.

It’s not easy, but do it anyway

Let’s face it: if losing weight was easy, everyone would be doing it. No one would be overweight and we would all be fit and trim. Just keep in mind that the hardest things in life are actually the things that are really worth doing. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, and that’s true when it comes to losing weight too! Squeeze in that 20-minute run somehow, don’t order that juicy steak, and go out of your way to do what isn’t always pleasurable. You will be rewarded with results in more ways than one!

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