Madden 11 Tips

1. Find a team with a lot of speed and pick it. Historically, teams with a lot of speed have always been the teams that most players choose. With the new acceleration rating really relevant and significant this year, you may want to find players that have good speed and good acceleration. Players like Tennessee Titan running back Chris Johnson are ideal. Speed ​​is important at every position, but most important is running back, wide receiver and cornerback. If you’re lucky enough to have a mobile quarterback on your team, that’s an added bonus.

2. Defense, Defense, Defense. The key to winning at high levels in Madden 11 will be defense. If you can control the ball and play defense well, you will win 90% of your online games. Learn some maximum cover defenses, as well as some great blitzes. Have some man defenses and zone defenses that you mix in to keep your opponent on their toes. The key to a good defense is deception. Whether you’re shelling 8 players or just shelling 3, you want it to look the same. You want to hide whether you are on a man defense or a zone defense because revealing that information will give your opponent a clear advantage. That brings us to our next point of emphasis…

3. Read your opponent’s defense. The key to a good Madden 11 offense is knowing which defense the opposition has called. Peyton Manning is so good in the NFL because he usually knows what defense the other team is on just by looking at them. One trick to tell if your opponent is manning or zoning is to move a wide receiver from one side to the other. If the defender follows him to the other side, you know the defense is man to man. If the defender follows him for a bit and then stops, he will know that our opponent is on zone defense. You should practice plays in Madden 11 that work against the zone 100% of the time and do the same for man-to-man defense.

4. Control the game. If you win the opening coin toss, you must choose to go first. Madden 11 will have shorter games than previous years. It’s more this year than ever to put yourself in a situation where you score right before halftime and right at the end of games. This limits your opponent’s chances of getting the ball, and they will usually give you two more touchdowns than the other team. Sometimes it’s better to wait a bit before deciding to score so you can spend more time off the clock and move the game closer to halftime or late in the game.

5. Choose a good team. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s very hard to compete against dominant teams in Madden 2011 with a team that doesn’t have good players. Choose a team with high ratings and good players and you will start the match with an advantage. Make sure they have good defense and good offense. It’s hard to play with one-dimensional teams. Teams like the Titans, Colts, Jets, Chargers, Saints, and Vikings are some good Madden 11 teams.

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