Personal organizers are people too

Personal organization, home organization, kitchen, garage, office, we all have an area in our life that we wish worked better. Personal organizers in New Hampshire use their talent to show/teach you the skills to clear your spaces. Being embarrassed about your mess doesn’t help. I have never met a person who is perfect and suspicious, I never will. Needing help doesn’t mean you’re less than. Asking for help is very brave.

There are people who have different talents in this world. You may be very good with numbers or you may be very artistic. You may meet someone who loves to read and has excellent communication skills. Just because you find it hard to keep things neat and organized doesn’t mean you’re not organized. Sometimes it just means that you are very busy and have not had time to complete some tasks. A personal organizer is just a helper.

If it’s not important that you look organized, that’s fine. We’re not here to judge, but remember, if you don’t have things in some kind of order or system, the next person who needs to do the work can be in big trouble. Organization is for efficiency. An effective organization means that anyone can come in and take over whatever is needed. God willing something happens to you and someone needs to take charge of doing the things you’ve been doing. Anything can happen at any time.

Instead of being embarrassed, you should think if someone can finish this if something happens to me. This is not morbid, this is responsible. Personal organizers have all the same fears as you. Personal organizers use their niche (natural ability) to help people and businesses be more effective and productive. We run out of time like you and have things we should be doing, but choose to do something else instead.

It’s okay not to be perfect, it’s okay to leave something to do later, but it’s not okay to never do it again. Finish what you start.

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