Plan for the most lively and functional living room environment

Family members gather to talk, work, and watch TV in the living room. Parties and official occasions bring together diverse people. A cozy and elegant interior should be aspired to. Start designing the different elements. The intention is to create a relaxed state of mind that allows for mutual give and take while allowing someone else to work if they choose.

An office table in a corner could make it easier to work with the necessary electronic and communication equipment. Some living rooms have a quiet meditation corner to remind one of the need for quiet.

Color combinations, mixtures and contrasts.

A neutral background should work great as a canvas that reveals endless views. Textured wall tiles create wonder. White, tan, and gray would go great with a bright, contrasting color like orange.

A set of scarce furniture.

Avoid congestion with excess furniture that impedes ease of movement. Refined items work well in small living rooms. Larger spaces could accommodate one or two plush sofas in the center rather than along the wall. This creates an intimate scene for sweetness. The rugs define the spaces well and make divisions on the floor.

an attractive flat

A nice and useful floor would be nice! Glazed vitrified tiles are very durable and non-porous, made from clay, feldspar and quartz. They will shine again and again, as well as resist stains and scratches. Choose from many designs, some imitating marble or wood.

The lighting fantasy

Design environments through lighting tricks. Layer lighting and install multiple fountains that match each other. Living rooms can use a combination of table and floor lighting, while accent lights would focus on artwork and walls, mantelpieces, or bookcases. A fairytale effect is quite possible with soft and intimate lighting in amber tones like in shop interiors.

dream curtains

A luxurious scene is created through the clever use of curtains. They could cover windows and walls, descending to the ground for dramatic impact. Avoid small curtains that make the room seem rather small. Also, change the curtains depending on the time of year or as desired by family members.

Printed or luminous curtains, flowers or a decorated darkness, so many options available. Vivid colors such as red and yellow to create a cheerful atmosphere and encourage emotion through a play of light with shadow. Make sure there is enough natural light in the room and avoid dark environments, especially during the day.

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