SEO for Lawyers: The Way You Should Choose Your Keywords

Lawyers have understood the importance of having an attractive website that describes their practice areas well. But having a website is not enough if users cannot find it while searching for a relevant term (terms that relate to/describe your legal business). The implied meaning of ‘web presence’ is a website that makes its presence felt to both the search engine and human searchers. To do this, lawyers must optimize their websites for major search engines, such as Google and Bing.

However, a lawyer with a busy schedule is not expected to take on search engine optimization tasks. But knowing the basics of SEO would definitely help.

The first and most important step to successful SEO for Lawyers is choosing the right keywords. It is necessary to choose the right and effective keywords for your law firm marketing. Keywords are the terms that tell search engines what you want your website to rank for. Thus, you establish a strong platform on which your law firm’s marketing campaign can grow online.

For a small business like law firms targeting the local market with the place name at the beginning/end of the keyword/keyphrase it will be a good decision initially. For example, Miami Personal Injury Lawyer or Miami Personal Injury Lawyer guarantee highly targeted traffic. Such keywords not only focus on your practice areas, but also point to the region where your business is physically located. If your law firm has branches located in various cities in the state of Florida, such as Orlando, Plantation or others, you can choose keywords such as:

• Orlando Personal Injury Lawyer

• Plantation Personal Injury Lawyer

The above keywords will only target visitors from the respective cities and nearby areas. If you want it on a larger scale, you can increase your area with a Florida criminal lawyer and so on as your business grows.

Another point is to be specific in your practice areas. That is, let people know where you specialize. For example, there are various specializations in the practice of personal injury law. Some SEO for attorneys focus on medical malpractice, while others specialize in accident injuries or workplace injuries. So when you use the term ‘personal injury’ the scope may be larger than using more descriptive ones like accident injury lawyer, workplace injury lawyer, or medical malpractice lawyers, but descriptive ones promise a higher conversion rate.

But then again, you can’t just rely on long-tail keywords, as they don’t guarantee a good ROI. Long-tail or descriptive keywords are not popular search terms. So, prepare your final keyword list as a mix of popular 2-3 word keyword phrases along with some long-tail keywords based on specific placements to increase effectiveness.

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