silver gray parrots

Have you ever wondered which are the most attractive parrot species of all? These are the silver gray parrots or what are commonly called African gray parrots. Coming from central Africa, this breed of parrots is really intelligent and very talkative. They can even converse well compared to other parrots like Yellow-headed Amazon Parrots. They are of medium build and are up to 10 to 14 inches long. There are different types of silver gray parrots, which are the Congo African Greys, with a reddish tail and light gray feathers, and the Timneh African Gray Parrots which have a dark charcoal gray and deeper shade of red on the tail. . Male parrots are basically larger than females. The size of the male bird is up to 12 to 14 inches long. Females of this type typically have slender necks and narrower heads than males.

It is a great responsibility to have pets, especially these types of parrots, as they also live long, although yellow-headed amazons live 80 years, they live up to 60 years. These parrots are really smart, so they need a very knowledgeable and understanding breeder to take care of them. They also need a lot of interaction and socialization activities, as all parrots do to avoid boredom. When they get bored they tend to get irritated and start to pluck their feathers. Without proper guidance, these breeds resort to making a lot of mess. As the owner, you need to offer a very long patience and understanding when it comes to caring for this breed of parrots, as they can also throw tantrums at times. If you want to train your parrots such as silver grays to behave and have good manners, you can do so by overcoming a few challenges along the way. Make sure you discipline your pets as much as possible so that you only have a few challenges. They could pick up bad behaviors just as easily as good ones throughout their lives, so plan how you teach your pets.

These silvery grays are in fact an active breed of parrot. They like interaction and play. Outside of the wild, they tend to go easily with their kind and fly together. They like to be very close and love to be with their keepers snuggling with them. When you hear them regurgitate, it means that they are showing you their affection and love. However, they don’t really like to be petted or scratched, but they would even go as far as trying to kiss you. This should be avoided because human saliva contains bacteria and could be harmful to your pets. As a good pet enthusiast, you should take note of your obligation and care for your parrots. They love to be with someone and do not want to be left alone as this could lead to serious harmful tendencies such as biting and overuse of their vocal cords.

Lastly, like children, Silver Grays have different attitudes that they can acquire over time. It is in your hands to be able to train them and teach them good behavior.

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