Ten places to see in Bermuda

Bermuda is made up of wonderful islands interconnected by bridges. It is located along the coast of Cape Hatteras in North Carolina. Its majestic beaches are popular all over the world, which is why it became one of the favorite tourist destinations.

1.) Chaplin Beach and Horseshoe Bay

These are just a few of the wonderful Bermuda beaches. These areas offer excellent diving and snorkeling sites where you can see a variety of Bermuda sea creatures. There are also wonderful but affordable hotels dotting the beaches.

2.) Stonehole and Warwick Long Bay

These are two other beautiful and popular beaches along the Bermuda coast. These areas also offer diving and snorkeling enthusiasts a wonderful opportunity to see marine life. Also, the crystal clear waters are a great way to relax and swim, but not only that, Bermuda’s beaches have also hosted many weddings due to the wonderful scenery they offer.

3.) Bermuda golf and tennis courts

If you are a golf and tennis enthusiast, you will surely love Bermuda. Bermuda’s Mid-Ocean Club is popular because of the challenges it offers, and this club offers seven 18-hole courses each. As for tennis courts, there are many in Bermuda that are sure to be relaxing for you due to the wonderful scenery they offer, as well as the impeccable services.

4.) Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo

This is one of Bermuda’s favorite and popular tourist destinations. Here, you will enjoy seeing the varied marine life such as seahorses and fish, as well as a shark. At the zoo, you will also be able to see different types of turtles, as well as other types of animals.

5.) City of St. George

Visit this wonderful city and learn more about the culture and people of Bermuda. There are many wonderful things you can do here, such as trying their restaurants that serve wonderful seafood and going bar hopping with friends. There are also shops here that sell trinkets to take home as souvenirs.

6.) Crystal Cave

Visiting this underground cave is a must for tourists. Here, you will have the opportunity to walk on the pontoon and see its very clear waters that you can almost see the floor of the cave. Stalactites and stalagmites, which have been forming over millions of years, also adorn this cave.

7.) Bermuda botanical gardens

What better way to enjoy an afternoon than strolling through the Bermuda Botanical Gardens? You will see beautiful plants here like a wonderful selection of orchids and cacti. There is also a small craft store here that has many gift items for you to choose from.

8.) Astwood Cove and Park

This is an ideal place for a couple to celebrate their wedding. But besides weddings, it is also popular for picnics and nature walks. Experience an afternoon here curled up in a blanket while reading a good book.

9.) Blue Hole Park

If you love bird watching, this is a perfect park to visit. This is a wetland and is a perfect habitat for birds. You can also take a walk around its grounds and enjoy the scenery.

10.) Gibb’s Hill and St. David’s Lighthouse

Bermuda is also known for its lighthouses. In addition to the help these lighthouses provide to boaters, it has also become a favorite tourist spot. You should also visit Gibb’s Hill Signal Station for tea and some nice souvenirs to take home.

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