The higher dimension of prayer


In the book 1Chronicles 4v9, we are given a story of Jabez,

“And Jabez was more honorable than his brothers and his mother named him Jabez, saying because I gave birth in pain. And Jabez called (appealed) to the God of Israel saying Oh, may you bless me indeed, enlarge my territory, and may you Hand be with me, and keep me from evil, so that it does not sadden me!” And God granted him what he asked for.

It is very evident from this scripture that Jabez was born with a fight waiting for him. When he became restless, he broke the yoke and the curse that he was working against his life. He broke the yoke and curse of sadness and pain through a higher dimension of prayer with decrees. His name Jabez carried a curse that caused the dark forces to work against his life.

These dark agencies had a clear satanic mission to hinder him, keep him unhappy, grieved and make his life miserable, even though he was an honorable man and had everything it takes to be a successful man. out of respect, crying out of sympathy, struggling to make ends meet, and fighting endless battles in life. The forces of darkness were satanically mandated to implement the conditions and details of the curse that his mother innocently and ignorantly pronounced on his life. It’s clear that Jabez was born with a battle ahead of him that made him fight all the way, until he became agitated and said, “Oh, bless you indeed.”

Certain battles we fight are entirely generational curses and are caused by our ancestral pedigrees. There are people living in the natural factor some were born with a fight or a curse already in the process fighting their lives. Of which some, their problems are equal in number with their age. Some are born with a spiritual warfare waiting for them ready to be executed. The demonic forces working against their lives met them and welcomed them into this life. Some were born right in the spirit of poverty. For some, life is not so normal and easy compared to others; they have to toil and fast for almost anything.

Some are born into a family curse of disease, barrenness, disease, family spirits, and family strongholds and territorial spirits. You cannot easily walk or free yourself from such struggles.

In this chapter of Genesis 27vs40, Isaac tells Esau that you will live by the sword, which is a life of war and fighting. You have to fight to eat, fight to sleep, fight to live, fight to be healthy, fight to keep your marriage, etc.

In this case, a higher dimension of prayer is a type of personal spiritual warfare. This prayer decree book will bring personal freedom and breakthrough. Isaac tells Esau.

But when you become restless you will have dominion and his yoke will be broken” Genesis 27vs40

Prayer decrees are born from restlessness that forces you to take control and take back your life. As in the book of Amos 3vs12 the bible declares that

“Thus says the Lord as the shepherd takes two paws or a piece of an ear out of the lion’s mouth, so the children of Israel who live in Samaria will be taken out in the corner of a bed and in Damascus in a bed” .Amos3vs12

In the same way we have to fight for life and what is left of us. These prayer decrees and the higher dimension of prayer will make you gain momentum and have dominion over all satanic power yokes, curses and oppression.

Sympathy and tears are not an option you should consider when your life is between a rock and a hard place, when life is taking a lot from you and your life is swinging between hope and hopelessness. If tears can change fates, many people could have received their breakthrough for a long time, you need a bold and radical spirit if you want to defeat the fighting forces in your life. The kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.

When you carry a message or a prophetic word on your life, you must be aware that you are destined to be attacked. Both the recipient and the messenger can be attacked. I have written this book to help those who are fighting for their personal freedom and advancement. This book will help you fight effectively and win in life.


The Higher Dimension of Prayer will teach you how to connect with your higher self (elohim nature) and call upon a higher supernatural power in the heavenlies. In this book you will find prayer decrees that will nullify all the afflictions of the enemy and will make them never appear a second time. A higher dimension of prayer will bring up the heavens and usher in a supernatural and divine intervention in your life.

We ascend to a higher dimension of prayer, we engage in the elohim (higher self) nature in which our spiritual image and nature is incubated in the Greek-Zoe God type of life and the Greek-Pneuma God spirit type, is this kind of life and spirit that allows us to create and change things and situations around us through the power of the tongue or spoken words.

Our spiritual faculties and capacities, namely Consciousness, Communion, and Intuition, along with other spiritual senses, are restored, reinstated, restored, and replenished when we, with a prepared heart and spirit, engage in prayer decrees and in the higher dimension of the sentence.

A higher dimension of prayer is a different approach to spiritual warfare; it takes a prepared heart and spiritual credibility to make effective decrees. When no man can help you, you must make a desperate cry and call and appeal to ever greater power, just as Jabez and Anna did.

In the book of Job22vs27-28, the scriptures advise us that if we make decrees, things will be established for us and light will shine on our entire path.

the decrees

1. Make God listen to you and the demons tremble at your voice

2. Save yourself from an early death

3. Light your way and sharpen your face.

4. Presumptuous sins and demonic bondage, Psalms 19vs13

5. It will destroy yokes and shackles.

6. It will break generational curses, family spirits, witchcraft spells and ancestral genealogies.

7. The decrees will end the endless battles of life will end the problems due.

The day you learn to decree and ascend to a higher dimension of prayer will be the moment you begin to experience a new dimension of living in the supernatural. Decrees and prophecy will bring life, light, form, structure and direction. Without decrees, you may not have fruit to enjoy in your life. What you are and what you eat is the result of what you decreed, spoke or someone pronounced on your life. Without prophecy and decrees, life has no meaning or flavor.

Praying from ignorance will make good Christians charlatans and idle talkers. This type of prayer with decrees will save your life and make you win in life. Praying with an informed mind, revelation knowledge, understanding, and wisdom is an important virtue in spiritual warfare.

Prayer decrees facilitate spiritual warfare. In spiritual warfare, conflicting powers meet on the battlefield. Whether you like it or not, the fact that you are a Christian draws the battle line. One needs to cross the line and David did.

Many books have been written on decrees and prophecies, my assignment then is to bring more details and revelation on this matter. The lack of full teaching and revelation on this subject has caused many Christians to engage in prayer decrees in ignorance, thus making the decrees backfire and cause many casualties and casualties in the body of Christ.

Many have hastened to make decrees, and many have handled and responded to prophecy hastily and carelessly without soaking up and seeking divine, godly counsel for safety and victory.

I must point out that the decrees are provocative and can cause demonic powers and demonic influences that can be dangerous and destructive, which is why you need this book. This book carries the tools and inspired teachings you need to make yourself successful and make your decrees and declarations effective and beneficial.

The science of using words to fight and create is a special grace and empowerment that comes with age. You can create and fight with words from your mouth and on your knees. When we make decrees, the nature of elohim applies; our spiritual faculties are activated and restored to function supernaturally.

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