Tips to avoid weeds in your mobile home garden

Your mobile home is an investment and as such you want to make sure it is kept in the best possible condition. That doesn’t just mean the inside … your outside matters too. Many people don’t even consider their garden when they first buy their mobile home. But you’ve probably started considering what to do with that space now, or you’ve already started and are running into the usual problems people have when planting a garden.

Weeds are an infuriating and frustrating part of managing a garden. They seem to come out of nowhere and where there is one, there are a dozen games to follow. You could go from having a stubborn little weed to your garden suddenly being overtaken by buggers, absorbing the nutrients your plants need to grow and creating an eyesore in the process.

How do you deal with this green threat? Here are some tips for avoiding weeds in your garden and caring for them when they infiltrate your mobile home garden.

Remove weeds from your mobile home garden

The first step in managing a weed problem is to take care of the one that already exists. Pulling them out is the most efficient way to get them out because jerks remove the root which, if left, would allow them to grow back. Herbivores can pluck some of them, but others will only cut themselves at ground level. The problem will only repeat itself.

Wait until you have watered your garden or it has rained a lot and the soil is moist and soft. If the soil is too hard, it will break them without the root when you remove them. If you have harder soil that won’t soften, use a hand shovel or other gardening tool to cut through the root of the weed. Be sure to wear thick gardening gloves, as many types of weeds can be harsh on the skin and even cause rashes or cuts when pulled.

What do you do with the weeds when they pull them up? You can just throw them away, sure, but then what good have they done? In fact, you can make weeds work for you by adding them to compost. They will decompose and nurture your garden like any other plant matter.

Another (high maintenance) option is to use cattle to eat the weeds. Many will buy chickens or goats to eat the weeds in their gardens. However, this also means properly caring for animals, feeding them, etc. There are benefits like fresh eggs or goat’s milk, not to mention the pet aspect. But make sure you are prepared for the responsibility before going down this route.

You also need more space. Mobile homes come in different shapes and sizes and are located on all sizes of land. So if you have a good amount of garden you should be fine. If you only have a small space in the front or back or in the house, skip the cattle.

The last option is scalding. This does not work for the garden itself as it can damage plants or soil and wreak havoc on your garden. But if you have weeks cultivating other places, such as through concrete, or crawling between the slates in your mobile home, you can scald them again. Just boil some water and pour it over the weeds. It will burn them down to the roots and prevent them from growing back if they go through a couple of “treatments.”

Prevent weed growth

If you’ve taken care of your weed problem, or if one hasn’t developed yet, you can prevent weeds from growing in the first place.

Possibly the best advice is to wallpaper and cover your garden. Dig a few inches into the ground. Lay the newspaper in a layer to cover the entire area. Note that newspaper is used specifically for this purpose because it is lighter than most papers and does not weigh the plants they are trying to grow. Once the area is covered, mulch liberally until you can no longer see the newspaper.

At first, the weeds are stronger and can cut through the newspaper and continue to grow. Another layer of paper and mulch should take care of this and prevent more weeds from growing. That’s because you’re suffocating them, preventing them from getting the sunlight and oxygen they need.

You can prevent weeds from growing between plants by suffocating them. Just plant things closer together, even if they are different species. You can also grow weed-controlling flora among your main plants, such as Golden Fleece or Herman’s Pride.

Natural herbicides

Herbicides are never pleasant and can harm your mobile home garden or the insects and animals that help it thrive. You want something that works without killing everything else around it. Fortunately, you can make your own.

The popular recipe gardeners have used for generations is made with just two ingredients: about four liters of vinegar and about thirty milliliters of dish soap. Mix the two together and cover the weeds … in two days they will be dead and gone.

Some people will also add a cup of salt, but this can be dangerous for your garden. Salt in the soil can stunt growth, especially of more delicate plants. Think carefully before adding it to your herbicide.

This herbicide has the added benefit of repelling many pests. Then you will be killing two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Protect Your Mobile Home Garden From Worrisome Weeds!

Work hard in your garden, don’t let weeds ruin it. Use the above methods to pull suckers, keep them at bay and maybe even stop them from growing and putting your beautiful garden at risk.

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