Tips to make your website more noticeable in 2016

Things change pretty fast online. What worked 6 months ago might not work now, and what works now might not work 6 months from now. It’s important to stay on top, so you can keep your business website front and center. In this article, I’ll share some tips to help your website stand out in 2016.

Here are some tips you can start using to help your website stand out more in 2016:

  • Up date. I see it all the time, where people are connecting to their existing site for some reason. Maybe cousin Eddie built it for a case of beer one weekend in July, or maybe you made it yourself. Whatever the reason, stop. A website can and should have numerous revisions throughout its life. In the end, it’s all about conversions, and if your site is that out of date, it simply won’t convert like a site with a more modern design would.

  • Make sure your site is mobile friendly. At the end of 2015, Google launched Mobilegeddon. Basically, whether or not your site was mobile-optimized, there’s a good chance it won’t rank in mobile searches. This is a big problem, because more than 70% of all searches are now done on mobile devices. We all do, just grab a phone or tablet and Google something. It’s quick and easy, and that trend will continue to grow.

  • Socialize. If you’re not using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you should consider getting started right away. Setting up profiles on these sites helps you protect your brand and gives you a good link back from a high DA (Domain Authority) site. Share your links in Tweets, posts, and videos as often as possible. This will help your site get more exposure and traffic, which is a big part of the game.

  • Optimize yourself. If your site doesn’t clearly tell Google what you do and where you do it, they will have a hard time rewarding you with a good ranking because they just don’t know! Google reads what you give them, so use this as an opportunity to do some basic optimization on your site. If you’re a dentist in Fresno, be sure to include that information in important places, like your URL or site title. If you don’t have them there, make sure you have them in your content somewhere!

There you have it guys. These easy-to-follow tips can help make your website work better for you in 2016. The question is, will you go ahead and use the tips, or just sit idly by?

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