Top 10 Travel Destinations for Indians

Summer is here, the sun is here. The holidays are just around the corner and the time has come to pack your bags and travel abroad. This time you can travel as you please as traveling is cheaper and there are numerous options to explore.


Colombo is easily one of the most frequented places for Indians. A few hours’ flight away, Colombo’s dense forests and impressive museums will leave you spellbound.

Must-Have: Watch out for some big buys in semi-precious stones and therapeutic oils!


We love visiting Singapore! It is home to favorites like Sentosa Island, Maria Bay, and the Singapore Biennale. It is popular for the art, culture and entertainment events that are organized throughout the year.

A must: Being there in the right place at the right time for The Lion King Broadway at Marina Bay Sands.

Kuala Lumpur

Capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur is a cost-effective weekend getaway via a four-hour flight from New Delhi. The Petronas Twin Towers present a new height every time and compete with the ancient temples of KL for attention.

A must: Visit Petaling Street in China Town at night for cheap shopping.


Be part of the traditional Kava ceremony on any of Fiji’s small islands or plan a day in the Sabeto Mud Pool, an activity kids will always appreciate.

Must-Have: Shop Jack’s Handicrafts in Nadi Town for tapa goods.


Diving and submarine rides with exquisite views of fish and coral reefs are what the Maldives is all about. Take some time to visit the Sultan Park and the National Museum to explore the unknown wonders of the Maldives.

A must: every resort in the Maldives has a spa. To rejuvenate in any of these is a must.

Bhutan (Thimpu)

Bhutan or Thimpu is a great attraction for Indians. Plan a trip to coincide with the annual Tsechu festival where the Cham, or masked dance, is performed.

A must: Visit the forests of Bhutan to find rare horticultural wonders, including carnivorous plants, the blue poppy, and the giant rhubarb.


Romance, romance, romance. Nothing defines this city better. Dining on a boat at sunset, a night view of 20,000 light bulbs at the Eiffel Tower, and the Moulin Rouge cabaret make Paris the exquisite city that it is.

A must: Louvre, Le Lido, French cuisine, a walk on the Champs Elysees or behind the Eiffel Tower, shopping at possibly the biggest LV store, visit at least one of the concept stores. Here everything is essential.

Hong Kong

Climb Victoria Peak via the Peak Tram, enjoy a cup of tea at Lin Heung Tea House, and visit Temple Street Night Market to shop for authentic Chinese goods.

A Must Do – A visit to Disneyland makes Hong Kong a must for all Indians because it is our closest catch.


Your stay in this historic city can start on a refreshing note with a stroll through the Villa Borghese garden. Visit the remains of the mighty Roman Empire at Domus Arena, The Pantheon at The Coliseum.

A must: Vatican City, one of the holiest places in Christianity and home of Pope Benedict XVI.


Visit Switzerland, visit Geneva. Enjoy the enchanting views of the castles and monuments, the flower clock of Lake Geneva and the Dardagny vineyard.

A must: A ski tour for young children in the Jura mountains is an immensely pleasurable experience.

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