Ultimate Frisbee is a Great Workout (Sports, Whey Protein, and Weight Loss)

Ultimate Frisbee is no longer some extreme fringe sport that people would play over lunch in high school. Ultimate Frisbee is considered one of the fastest growing sports in America. Why has there been such a sudden spike in participation in Ultimate Frisbee? Many believe that it is due to the simplicity of the game. There’s no need for referees as you call your own fouls during the game, and there’s not a lot of equipment to buy, just buy a frisbee and you’re ready to go. The rules are very simple; you throw the frisbee to another person on your team who then catches it and stops. Then your teammate must throw the Frisbee to another member of your team. This continues until you reach your end zone or drop the frisbee. If you drop the Frisbee, the other team gains possession and starts passing towards their end zone. There is not supposed to be any physical contact to stop Frisbee catchers, nor can you be on top of the person throwing the Frisbee (there is a three-foot halo rule around the thrower).

Although the game is simple, the training you will receive is not. Ultimate Frisbee is a game of constant movement. You’re always moving, whether you’re opening up for the frisbee or playing defense and trying to knock down a bad pass. This constant movement will give you a much better workout compared to basketball, tennis, soccer, or any other sport that involves frequent stoppages in play. Constant movement will increase your heart rate.

During the time you exercise, your heart rate works as the best monitor of the training you are receiving. You want your heart rate to stay within certain zones while you exercise. If your heart beats between 60-80% of your maximum heart rate, then you’re in a good fat-burning zone. Your body doesn’t feel like it should be burning through energy stores fast to have enough energy to complete the physical activity you’re doing. You will take advantage of the fat stored in your body that takes longer to break down into energy. If your heart rate is above 80% of maximum, then you are in the cardio training zone. This zone of your heart rate is great for increasing your endurance and helping to build lean muscle. While playing Ultimate Frisbee, you will find that you are almost always in these two heart rate zones.

Like other athletes, people who play Ultimate Frisbee should make the most of their time playing the sport. The best way to ensure you get a well-rounded workout is to have a good nutritional program. Adding protein to your diet is a good way to help your body build lean muscle. Lean muscle will help your body burn more fat and therefore you will lose more weight. Plus, lean muscle will also help you perform better on the field. Immediately after exercising it is a good idea to give your body a large dose of protein. A good way to get this protein is by taking a whey protein supplement. Whey protein is easy for your body to digest and also provides over 90% pure protein, which is higher than other protein blends.

Ultimate Frisbee is a new sport that is gaining in popularity. If you’re looking for a fun sport to play and a sport that helps you get a good workout, try Ultimate Frisbee.

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