Which countertop is best for my Georgian home: quartz, granite, or marble?

A new home is a wonderful experience! You want everything special about it: exquisite furniture, wall textures, dreamy interiors, attractive quartz, marble or quartz countertops for the kitchen, and the list never ends. Depending on where in Georgia your home is located and what look you prefer for your home, decide which stone countertop will best suit your home.

Georgia: nature and modernity

Georgia, USA is a beautiful place with a rich diversity of extremes: a vibrant city with high-rise buildings and astonishingly serene municipalities, and lush green mountain ranges and a roaring sea. It has a humid subtropical climate and part of its edge acts as a coastline, which means high humidity. Your countertops are continuously exposed to moisture and react based on their chemical composition. Sandstones and limestones are part of the Georgian terrain, but that doesn’t limit your options.

The countertops are differentiated by their chemical composition such as granite, marble, quartz or others. As they are exposed to the elements of nature, their composition can be a crucial factor in selection.

Granite Kitchen Countertops

If a shiny look is what you prefer for your kitchen, go for granites. Granite countertops are strong and durable, and with beautiful glass patterns they can make any room look luxurious. Now the question arises whether it is suitable for your Georgian home!

These countertops are porous and easily react with moisture resulting in discoloration. Keeping them in humid conditions for prolonged periods can lead to flaking or flaking. So, in case you are determined to buy a granite kitchen countertop for your home, take care to keep it clean and dry.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops

Make your home look modern and versatile with quartz countertops. The elegant appearance and attractive quartz colors easily add to the beauty of your kitchen. These stones have a non-porous surface and are more durable than granites. They are made of broken quartz, resins and color pigments with attractive color combinations. Quartz is diminished compared to granites, but it is much stronger.

Quartz stones are resistant to moisture and are the perfect countertops for the kitchen. But keep them out of direct sunlight and heat, as their color fades with exposure. They are cheap, hygienic, impact resistant and require no maintenance.

Marble Kitchen Countertops

Add timelessness to your home with marble countertops. They are the easiest options to remove the old look from your home and give it a whole new look. Its sense of richness with each part acting like a canvas makes you ignore its little downsides, like the affinity for liquids and scratches. Consider a theme for your kitchen and choose the right marble.

Marble countertops add an aesthetic look to your home. Since these stones are porous, they must be sealed to prevent moisture absorption. They can support hot bowls and heavy weights effectively, but keep sharp, heavy objects away as their impact can damage the surface.

Our suggestion

Georgia is a humid state, quartz or marble kitchen countertops are the best options. Each stone is different and special, so if you take the right precautions, any natural stone can last a lifetime. Finally, weigh your options and choose the one you like the most.

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