Will the Lord of the Rings series influence the travel industry as much as Game of Thrones?

The power of movies was instantly recognized from the early days of the silent film era. Few could imagine the influence that movies and subsequent television productions like Game of Thrones would have on all aspects of life, including the travel industry.

One of the latest fantasy dramas to gain public attention is Amazon’s reworked $ 250 million Lord of the Rings miniseries; a veiled attempt by Jeff Bezos to take over a piece of the fantasy drama epidemic that has gripped the world for the past several years, and a direct attempt to mimic the smash hit of Game of Thrones.

The impact of movies and series like the HBO television adaptation of George RR Martin’s book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” doesn’t just affect obvious industries; like the music business, where artists like Ed Sheeran have been catapulted to stardom with the songs that give their title, the famous from The Hobbit movie “The Desolation of Smaug.” There are less obvious benefactors, like the travel industry, whose income has been boosted by the latest TV series and movies.

Game of Thrones was filmed in numerous locations around the world, from Belfast in Ireland to Osuna in Andalusia, and all of these locations have seen an increase in fans visiting the sites where scenes were filmed.

Increased tourism is not only good for the cities and towns directly involved, but also for the surrounding towns and villages.

The Andalusian tourist office is having a big push now to attract tourists to visit and watch the sites of their favorite TV series. Those in the know, of course, will know that the fifth season of Game of Thrones was filmed in Osuna, Spain; a small town with a rich and diverse history dating back centuries, and it is one of many Spanish cities, including others like Estepa and Los Corrales, which are only a few kilometers away, that provide a rich flavor of rural Spain , just waiting to be sampled.

Typically these cities would never have been visited, unless Game of Thrones was filmed nearby. Hostels, hotels, country houses and restaurants alike have seen an increase in the number of visitors.

Will the lord of the rings have the same effect on tourism? Will small rural businesses that offer a real taste of local culture benefit? The reality is, yes: as long as there is a desire for loyal fans of fantasy devotees, the trend to visit pristine rural locations will continue.

Small friendly hotel companies will continue to seize the opportunity to introduce visitors to the true culture of their country.

With these series attracting travelers from the backpacking community, who are now more demanding and want to experience the real culture of a country on a budget, the rural environment is gaining momentum. With five-star backpackers available, devotees can experience rural Spain Y Get to see movie locations, all at a fraction of the price of big hotel chains.

There is no doubt that any location used in the film industry will boost the travel industry in the countries in which they are filmed.

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