Windows 7: the best-selling operating system to date

Windows 7 is the best-selling operating system to date. It hasn’t even been released yet! This is according to DSGi, owner of PC World, Currys and “Demand in the first 12 hours since the pre-order launch saw Windows 7 sales exceed 25% of DSGi’s total annual sales of its predecessor, Windows Vista. “

Windows 7 reached number one on Amazon’s software list during the special pricing period leading up to launch. You can pre-order Windows 7 online from a variety of providers, including trusted retailer, Amazon. Windows 7 upgrade versions were available at promotional pre-launch prices between June 26 and July 11, 2009. As soon as the promotion ended, the price of non-promotional pre-orders skyrocketed.

Market research firm International Data Corp. predicts that 78% of corporate users will use Windows 7. If this is true, if the new operating system truly achieves this level of mastery, it will follow in the footsteps of Windows XP, rather than Much less desirable path from Windows Vista. This is exactly what Microsoft is hoping for after the Vista disaster.

Although there are many buzz and buzz surrounding Windows 7, many still hesitate, put off by their Vista experience.

Windows 7 is probably the operating system that Vista should have been. This is not to say that it is simply Vista with a new name. There are improvements in the operating system. It is easier to use and also faster. Vista suffered from compatibility issues. Windows 7 is more compatible with Vista than XP, however it has a virtual XP mode that Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate owners will be able to use with their older software.

Meanwhile, software developers, having met the new Vista standard, will not have to repeat this painful experience again for the new operating system. Anything that runs on Vista will also run on Windows 7, according to Microsoft.

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