Women, the new James Bond of our modern times

More than ever, the world needs emotionally intelligent, humanity-centered, and alert-hearted female leaders who will play an important role in the evolution of human consciousness and in the direction the world we all share is taking.

With Brexit, the Syrian refugee crisis, and the unprecedented rise of extremism, nationalism, fascism, phobias, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, etc., it is essential to have conscientious women leaders who, like James Bond, can overcome the toughest challenges presented to them and from there the ashes rise triumphantly like a phoenix.

Many of us grew up with superheroes like James Bond, Captain America, Jean Luke Pickard, Superman, Wonder Woman, Madonna, Lady Gaga and Oprah being our hero that we aspire to become.

The time has come for all of us to do our part and awaken the inner hero, to act, participate and express our opinion in the global crisis that, in one way or another, affects all human beings.

I grew up in the ghettos of a small town called Gostivar in western Macedonia, at a time when women were abused, tried, and had very few human rights on a daily basis. When I started traveling the world, I realized that, like my mother, sisters, cousins, and other women I met at home, millions of women continue to be treated poorly.

When I was a child, I knew I was different, I felt the pain, the judgment, the loneliness and the abuse that my mother and other women endured. Since I wanted to do something about it, this feeling of helping women globally accompanied me throughout my life, and it is what also inspired me to be who I am today and in my latest book to write about a global problem that we all share. . loneliness.

You may have heard of the extraordinary work that Mother Teresa did around the world. What has changed? Not much, we still experience global segregation in a technologically advanced age, but many feel extremely lonely in their hearts.

To address global problems like hunger, inequality, job loss, war, climate change, sustainability, etc., I believe that more conscious women are needed for humanity to find solutions to global problems that They are increasing.

Women have an important role in building a more just, equal and harmonious society, and in directing the course of the planet that we all live, share and call home.

My mother, along with my father, fought to educate, empower and support my sisters to break free from religious and political dogmas that imprisoned women, treated them as unequal and enslaved them. Today, I continue to support your mission by carrying this torch of light that my father lit in me.

Through my daily training, healing, and speaking engagements, I help many incredible women of all walks of life and backgrounds step into their true power, the intelligence of their heart, and help them create, build, and grow businesses. , iconic products, and above all an inner wisdom necessary to be conscious, healthy and wealthy leaders.

As an openly gay man, I know from first-hand experience what it feels like to be different, not fitting into the box someone else created for you, and not meeting societal expectations.

Millions of women around the world continue to suffer mental, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. If we are to change the course of the future that we all want, then we must all do our part to help women become beautiful goddesses who with their wings of love, compassion and understanding can embrace the globally experienced darkness and transform it. in the light that shines the path of humanity towards a better future.

Many people I have met on my path at some point in their lives felt the pain of being rejected, abandoned and alone in a world where we come to express our true magnificent selves that is infinite in our abilities to create and destroy. life.

Throughout my life, beginning with my mother, sisters, friends, co-workers, teachers, healers, and many amazing women who have crossed my path, they have helped me on my journey to better myself and become who I am today.

Some of them were nominated for the “2017 Global Woman of the Year Award” organized by Mirela Sula, who founded Migrant and Global Women with a mission that aims to address the following questions:

1. How can women come together and become leaders in building and empowering their communities?

2. How can men help build a new paradigm for women as an equal and influential force in society?

3. How can we bring together the most successful leaders from around the world and redefine the pathways to power and diversity in businesses and communities?

Look at her, with her mission and vision of Global Woman is the James Bond of our modern time. She is the wonder woman who helps women around the world achieve their true power.

As a supporter of women, Todor and I joined Mirela and many amazing women for this annual event that honors the extraordinary work women do at the Global Women Magazine Grand Gala Dinner held on March 25, 2017, where they gave the prizes to the best. cover stories and the latest on “Global Women of the Year.”

By reading this article, you know that you are an agent of change, love, peace and equality. Make sure you take daily action, connect with others who share a similar vision, and keep investing in your greatest asset – you.

Love and Wisdom,

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