Best Things To Do In Peru And Places To See

Things To Do In Peru And Places To See

There’s something for everyone in Peru, with a range of activities and sights that span the country’s many diverse regions. Discover ancient history in historic Cusco, set sail on the Uros Floating Islands, or watch condors fly over the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Peru’s natural beauty is as stunning as its rich cultural heritage — from the lush Amazon Rainforest to its spectacular Andean mountainscapes.

One of the most iconic attractions in Peru is the mysterious Nazca Lines, a series of enormous geoglyphs that defy explanation. Flying over the lines offers a unique perspective of the markings, which include animals, birds, and geometric shapes. The origin of the lines remains a mystery, but theories range from art to aliens.

Another highlight of a visit to What to do in Peru is exploring the agricultural terraces at Moray, which are believed to have been experimental Inca farming sites. The terraces are shaped in concentric circles to create different microclimates, which were used for cultivating various crops.

Peru is also home to some of the world’s most delicious cuisine, with dishes that blend native ingredients with international flavors. Peruvian cuisine combines Andean produce with seafood and Latin America’s abundant fruit, creating a unique blend of flavors that’s sure to please every palate.

Those with an interest in Peru’s wine should plan a trip to the Ica region, where visitors can take part in pisco tasting at a local bodega (vineyard). The country’s national drink is made from grape brandy, and you can learn about the process from start to finish on a tour of a vineyard and distillery.

Best Things To Do In Peru And Places To See

If you’re planning a romantic getaway, Mancora is the ideal destination. This beach town is a haven for couples, with gorgeous beaches and luxury resort hotels like Hotel Libertador Paracas and La Hacienda Bahia Paracas that offer private stretches of sand. Enjoy a relaxing stroll along the coast or head to one of the local waterfront restaurants, where you can dine with views over fishing boats on the water.

A trip to Peru would be incomplete without a visit to Sacred Valley, a stunning mountain area in the heart of the Andes Mountains. In the Sacred Valley, trek the Inca Trail to reach Machu Picchu, or explore the ruins of Ollantaytambo and other nearby archaeological sites.

You can also spend a day exploring the Sacred Valley’s vibrant markets at Pisac, where visitors can shop for textiles, ceramics, and jewelry. Each Sunday, tourists can also take part in the traditional barter market on Taquile Island, where locals maintain a strong Incan culture.

For adventure-seekers, Chiclayo is the perfect base for exploration of the Cordillera Blanca mountains that tower above the city. Visitors can hike to glacial lakes, marvel at towering peaks, or take advantage of the many adventure sports on offer in this stunning mountain region.

No visit to Peru would be complete without a journey to the iconic ruins of Machu Picchu. Located high in the Andes Mountains, this ancient Incan citadel is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world. Visitors can hike the Inca Trail, take a scenic train ride, or opt for a bus journey to reach this awe-inspiring UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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