Claim Procedure – Summary

Here are the 5 simple steps to win lawsuits! No matter what the case is… the winning steps are always the same.

The 5 easy steps are:

The Complaint when the plaintiff explains what he wants the court to do for him,

Flurry of motions when the defendant uses one or more than 3 different motions that may result in not being required to answer the complaint,

The response when the defendant finally answers the demand with affirmative defenses (if he is unsuccessful with his flurry of moves),

The discovery process, when both parties use one or more of 5 powerful discovery tools to obtain admissible evidence in the record, and

The trial, when the court tells the truth Memorize these 5 steps and the rest is easy!

Those who see this simplicity are no longer blindly fighting corrupt lawyers who will use every available procedural trick to bend the law in their favor. Once you see how the lawsuit game is played, you’ll know how to stop the corruption! If you don’t know how lawsuits are won, you can’t possibly win! Before the lawsuit, the procedure was a closely guarded secret. Only the highest paid attorneys knew what it takes to win. It may surprise you to learn that most attorneys have no idea what it takes to write effective pleadings, compel the other party to present evidence, or obtain effective court orders.

And, of course, the public is deliberately kept in the dark so that lawyers can make more money, using their private knowledge to fleece the public. You know this to be true, so protect yourself by learning how to win! Destroy the corrupt lawyers and win despite the corrupt judges. Force the courts to obey your own rules and put an end to the typical crooked games of lawyers to hide evidence and twist the law!

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