Great interior decoration ideas for an office

Sometimes we spend more hours in the office than at home. Sometimes the way an office is designed and decorated can affect the mood of you and your employees. Organizations have taken notice of this phenomenon and have gone a step further to turn their office spaces into a haven of inspiration. Google’s Zurich headquarters hired the services of a Swiss company called Camenzind Evolution, and their mission was to design Google’s office space and turn it into a haven that evokes innovation and creativity.

The dilemma was breaking through the accepted conventional office space and their execution of it did not disappoint. They managed to turn the office spaces into a comfortable and inspiring space that will effectively raise the motivation level of the employees in a calm, playful and colorful way. These office spaces are adorned with pool tables, slides, a gym, etc. The amazing thing about these offices is that each office space is different considering the uniqueness of its staff.

The inspiration that comes from working in a relaxed and calm environment cannot be ignored. Could this be the reason that Google staff members are constantly coming up with new and innovative products for your company? You too can borrow a Google sheet and convert your office space to evoke feelings of calm and rest that will subconsciously stimulate positive feelings for you and your employees.

First, ask yourself what image you want to project to your customers. What do you do for a living? Are you a consultant, lawyer, graphic designer? The office of a lawyer will be very different from that of a graphic designer. A graphic designer’s space should exude artistry, color, and fun, while a lawyer’s office should exude boldness characterized by mahogany, dark, rich wood.

Second, which color scheme best suits your profession? Professional offices are best represented by neutral colors like beige, tan, and taupe, while art studios and graphic design firms are best symbolized by bright colors and fun furnishings.

Third, what furniture best describes your profession? Mahogany and dark woods evoke feelings of professionalism and seriousness, while lighter woods such as pine, light oak work best in reception areas, line management and support staff, etc.

Fourth, remember your storage spaces. Purchase storage shelves or filing cabinets for books and files. Make sure the shelves and cabinets fit in with the rest of the furniture in the office space.

Finally, select the decoration of the office. This should be a perfect marriage between the professional and the personal. Always complement your color scheme. Compliment your office space with rugs, paintings, plants, sculptures, lamps, aquariums, decorative desk clocks, pen set, friends and family photo frames on your desk or wall.

These ideas, once employed, will do wonders for your motivation levels. This change will not only positively affect you, but also your employees will be more productive and your business will thrive as a result.

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