How to Get a Larger Steering Wheel For a Porsche SUV

Larger Steering Wheel For a Porsche SUV

Porsche focuses on sports cars, but they also make a lot of SUVs. And while they’re not light on the wallet, these SUVs are often equipped with the latest tech and a lot of power. The 2024 Cayenne is no exception and it’s quick enough to embarrass some sport sedans. That’s a result of the Porsche SUV’s expertly tuned chassis and high-output engines, which can be boosted with the Sport Chrono Package. This pack provides an overboost function and a configurable driving mode that can save up to six individual settings.

The Cayenne’s steering wheel is a bit on the small side, though it still has a decent amount of grip and is designed to accommodate a driver’s hand size. However, some drivers would like a little more luxury feel and comfort with a bigger steering wheel. Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market for an upgraded Porsche steering wheel. One of the best options is a steering wheel cover, which can keep your factory steering wheel in pristine condition for years to come. These are available in a range of materials and colors to suit any taste, and they’re easy to install.

Another option is a Buy Porsche steering wheelsl from a company like TECHART, which can be trimmed with leather or alcantara and has a larger padded grip area to increase comfort. This replacement wheel is made from the OEM steering wheel core and retains the airbag for safety, so you won’t have to sacrifice any functionality.

How to Get a Larger Steering Wheel For a Porsche SUV

There are also aftermarket companies that specialize in making custom Porsche steering wheels. These are usually forged from aluminum and feature an intricate design that can be engraved with the owner’s name or logo. In addition to a new look, these wheels are typically lighter and more durable than the original, so they will last much longer.

A big upgrade that will give your Cayenne a more luxurious and bespoke look is the GTS interior package. It comes with contrasting stitching on the seats, centre console and dashboard, and door shoulders as well as a red-coloured rev counter for an added touch of exclusivity. The centre armrest and door panels are covered in full black leather as well, adding to the premium look of your Porsche.

Porsche specializes in providing its customers with a blank canvas to personalize their car. Everything from the colour of seatbelts to the surface material of a steering wheel can be selected, although it’s always at a stiff additional cost. The company is also keen on keeping its vehicles safe, so you can be sure a factory Porsche steering wheel will meet the highest safety standards. The only thing it won’t protect against is a hard impact or prolonged exposure to sunlight, so you may want to consider a steering wheel cover as well. This will help to prolong the life of your original steering wheel and improve its resale value as well.

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