iphone 14 case wholesale supplier

iphone 14 case wholesale

Phone cases are a popular item that can sell well when they are marketed to the right audience. Use search engine marketing to target people looking for specific types of phones, and you can make a good living from the sales of your custom cases. Unlike many other third-party accessories, iPhone cases are often designed and produced before the new model is launched. This is an advantage from a business perspective because it allows companies to capture revenue in the first two weeks after launch.

Featuring an optically clear polycarbonate that shows off the iPhone’s color and is optimized to prevent yellowing, this case provides extra protection without sacrificing visibility. It’s thin and lightweight for a comfortable fit in your pocket, and its raised edges keep the camera and screen safe from scratches when placed face down.

This iphone 14 case wholesale supplier is MagSafe compatible, allowing for easy placement on magnetic mounts and chargers. Its UV light-resistant materials and treated coating resist discoloration and degradation for a clean, clear look that lasts. The raised cutouts for the buttons align perfectly with the iPhone’s buttons for original response speed.

iphone 14 case wholesale supplier

Designed by Apple to complement the iPhone 14 Pro Max, this protective case is smooth and sleek. It’s also available in a range of vibrant colors and features a MagSafe ring and elevated edges to help protect the display from scratches when placed face down. It’s not the grippiest case, however, so it may slip out of pockets easily in a rush or if you’re wearing jeans with a loose bottom.

If you have an iPhone, you’ll want to find a case that fits it well. Silicone cases are popular because they are soft and flexible, allowing them to mold to the shape of your phone. They are also lightweight and slim, making them easy to fit in your pocket or bag. Unlike plastic, silicone has good shock-absorption properties, which can help protect your phone from dents and scratches. It also has a rubbery texture that provides a secure grip. This can be helpful if you tend to drop your phone often or have butterfingers.

Another benefit of silicone cases is that they provide easy access to buttons and ports, allowing you to use your phone without having to remove the case. They are also available in a variety of fun colors and designs, so you can find one that matches your personality. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly, compared to plastic, which combusts and releases harmful chemicals into the air when burned.

Unlike silicone cases, leather phone cases don’t crack easily. They also have a natural texture that provides a comfortable grip, preventing accidental drops. They’re also durable, but they require more maintenance than silicone cases because of their sensitivity to dust and water. Real leather has an unmistakable smell that’s far different from the plastic feel of faux leather. Plus, it gets softer with time and develops a rich patina that’s unique to your case.

Our iPhone cases are made with full-grain Horween leather, a premium American hide. This leather is incredibly strong, and it’s supple to the touch, with a distinctive, earthy aroma. Plus, our cases feature cutouts that align with MagSafe magnetic charging docks for the best possible connection. And they’re guaranteed to last up to five times longer than plastic, silicon, or fake leather cases.

A sleek case that’s designed to keep your phone safe while looking stylish. The back is a dark black and the case isn’t as slim as some others but it doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone either. It doesn’t feel slippery and it won’t get in the way of swipe gestures on your screen. Designed for business meetings, class and travel, the folio case offers a seamless transition between work and life tasks. Its padded technology compartment and premium zip ensures your device stays protected, while the streamlined design keeps it light and easy to carry.

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The folio case also works with the Apple Pencil, so you can easily switch between handwriting and streaming. It also features two different angles of incline so you can work in comfort and stay focused. It’s the perfect companion for your inspiration.

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