Research a potential employer and use a combination of strategies

Investigation of a potential employer

To write a custom resume and cover letter for a job, you need to know the company advertising it. Do research to find out:

• What does the company do?
• How did the organization start?
• What are your products and services?
• What are the company’s plans?
• Does he appear to be in good financial shape?
• What are some of the industry trends affecting this organization?
• What are some of the organization’s biggest challenges?

Find your website using a search engine like Google. You can also call the company and ask for their website address. It often appears in trade magazines, the yellow pages, and company brochures and business cards. If you don’t have Internet access, use a computer at a public library, your state’s JobLink Career Center, or college career center.

You can also learn about the organization by asking questions of people who already work there. People in your network can also provide you with names of people within the organization who could talk to you.

Use a combination of strategies

Using a combination of methods is essential to a successful job search; You can’t do just one thing anymore. Develop a strategy that works best for the occupation you are seeking. Check with people in your field or a career counselor to see what they suggest.

• If we haven’t said it enough already, nets! The more people know that you are looking for work, the better your chances of finding a job.
• Use Internet search engines, job board sites, company websites, industry-specific websites, blogs, and social networking sites. Reference: See our document Internet as a source for more details.
• After researching a business, call and ask to speak directly with the hiring manager, ask about potential openings, and request an appointment.
• Register with your local JobLink Career Center, Employment Security office or other job placement agency. (Some private agencies may charge a fee.)
• Attend local and school job fairs.
• Look for job postings in newspapers, professional/trade magazines, and other publications.
• Look in the business section of the document for businesses that are moving to the area, expanding their operations, or have received patent approvals or other awards; these companies are probably hiring.
• Take a walk in the nearby industrial parks, shopping malls and office complexes to find valuable companies to contact.

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