So Many Divorces – Find Out How Marriage Experts Ruin Marriages With Bad Advice!

For the first time in recorded history, the number of divorces in the United States has reached 50% in some states. The people who never married, the secular talk show hosts/hosts, are today’s so-called marriage gurus and professional counselors for married people. Most of them, many times divorced, give advice that they never used or kept, and we wonder why so many people end up getting divorced. A simple question: would you take a flight with a pilot who had a lot of fatalities, or would you take a transatlantic crossing with a pilot who has never flown a plane before, if you knew?

Before consulting a marriage counselor, kindly ask the so-called guru, “How many times have you been married?” If the answer is “never” or “often,” then why take advice from someone who may only have theoretical knowledge on such a complex subject, or who couldn’t make a long-term relationship work?

Those are not my ideas; they are spiritually enshrined in the Torah (Ezekiel 44:22) and in the affirmation of the New Covenant (Jeremiah 31:31) called the New Testament (1 Timothy Chapter 3). In fact, God was, and is so serious and particular about his agents, priests, that they had to marry only one person first, and their marriage had to be successful. Their successful leadership in the marriage is what allowed them to be selected as spiritual parents of their flock. Those stipulations have not changed.

I spent years documenting the advice given by so-called marriage experts. Most are in conflict

clichĂ©s disguised as practitioners of failed marriages. Why is it so? The answer is that there must be a spiritual match for a relationship to be a lasting match of the right spirits: the rediscovery of “the missing ribs” is a must.

Dates, time matches, social relationships, yes, but marriage experts no!

Most marriage experts can set you up; your high school friends can do that.

They can find social partners. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that because

someone is attractive, or “seems nice” or because he/she is emotionally, physically,

and/or financially comfortable that person is able to contribute in the long term

relationship. First of all, marriage is a spiritual union. It is the only union set apart to receive

blessings for propagating righteous seed potentially– “for generations.”

The deliberate release of the “semen” life nuclei, in any form, engenders the transfer of spiritual energy. Since the transfer of spiritual energy is governed by spiritual laws rather than man-made laws, there are blessings for administering them properly and penalties, known or unknown, for administering them disobediently. Many “so-called incurable diseases” are spiritual seeds sown in disobedience to the spiritual laws that govern them.


The legal systems of most countries stipulate that since marriages are contracts,

they have to be registered. On the surface there should be no problem. However, for reasons too numerous to mention in this essay, religious institutions remained silent and allowed secular institutions to have the first and last word regarding one of their oldest sacraments. The courts alone, in some cases, have usurped the authority of religious institutions to define and quantify what are the requirements or prerequisites for marriage.


Marriage is a sacred sacrament and, as a legal contract, it must be witnessed and examined in a court of law or in the presence of a judicial officer. In its purest form, marriage is a “Holy Sacrament” or spiritual covenant whose rules, eligibility, definition, and beneficiaries can be ordained only by God’s authorized agents. If legal institutions decide that they can cross the divide between “church” and “state”, their laws can, if they so choose, allow courts to formulate and institute carnal unions. Religious institutions must understand that they must give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s. There must be no confusion in the spirit lines.


As soon as religious institutions began to recognize carnally instituted unions, by allowing them to be called “marriages”, the presence of God diminished in those assemblies; Miracles ceased, and instead of marriages being blessed unions, other types of unions arose. Contracts to live together until death were not worth the paper they were written on, in some cases. Let us remember that God and his true blessed agents establish marriage as a spiritual commitment between a man and a woman willing to raise and care for a family, until the death of either spouse.

After all, churches, temples, and mosques decide who is eligible for baptism, another sacrament. The state also works in conjunction with religious institutions to honor and register recipients of baptismal sacraments. Why don’t the courts get on the baptismal car? Simple: the devil knows that children have at least 15 years of grace of innocence.

Since sleeping religious elders allowed the courts to decide who or what constitutes a marriage, the original sacrament with rules to avoid spiritual viruses has given way to all sorts of teachers, not necessarily trained to understand spiritual things. As a result, people who do not understand spiritual matters will give advice on spiritual covenants, most often to the detriment of well-meaning spouses.


In addition to the fact that weak custodians have diluted God’s sacraments, secular marriage counselors are using the same system that has been ruining marriages for the past century: selecting spouses based solely on outward appearance and physical needs. Have you ever purchased a vehicle based solely on the shape or appearance of the body?

I would never be presumptuous enough to categorize myself as a marriage expert. However, I will not hide the fact that I am on a spiritual restoration mission. I use radio, television, and print media to awaken people to the fact that Satan destroyed the first marriage on earth and to this day is the greatest marriage destroyer. Since our personalities represent our spiritual makeup, first and foremost, we must match the personalities. An impatient and cold person is not going to change because they are outwardly attractive. Observe a person’s behavior with children, with strangers, with the elderly, and how she behaves when the best plans fail.

I always advise people to take note of the person’s family history. Look for residual scars and unresolved conflicts, evidence of spiritually uncomfortable seeds. I use these analyzes to teach the types of spiritual seeds that destroy marriages. I also try to teach men how to find their missing ribs, and teach women how to discern the types of ribs spiritually planted in them so they can find their true soul mates. It is not a guessing game. Men who do not seek spiritually behave like dogs in search of their elusive bones.

Human beings are vehicles designed to carry a correct spirit or contrary spirits: “incompatible personalities.” Wise people don’t choose motor vehicles based solely on outward appearances—they want reliable electronics, motors, and gears that work properly. So why do we want to select a lifetime vehicle based solely on carnal attributes? We are playing Russian roulette and in the end someone has to get hurt. Perhaps we have been using the wrong formula and following bad advice. The statistics could hint that we are following incongruous Pied Pipers.

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