when to replace cat scratching post

replace cat scratching post

A quality cat scratching post is a lifesaver for your furniture and your cats health. Cats need to scratch and exercise their claws, which also helps them to stretch and relieve stress. Scratching posts are made of material that is durable enough to withstand claw swipes and can help keep cats from tearing into and ruining their favorite couch or armchair. However, even the most sturdy scratching posts can wear out after a certain number of scratches and need to be replaced. So, how do you know when it is time to replace your cat scratching post?

The most important thing to remember when choosing a new cat scratching post is that the material should be something your cat enjoys. While the most common materials for scratching posts are sisal, jute and carpet, a natural material like corrugated cardboard or coir can be just as appealing to many cats. Some scratching posts also come with a layer of batting, which is soft and can be very appealing to cats as well.

Another factor to consider when purchasing a cat scratching post is that it should be tall enough to allow your cats to fully stretch out while scratching. This stretching is very important to them and can help exercise their back and shoulder muscles. Sometimes, cats may hunker down while scratching which can also be good for them, but they will not get the full benefit of exercising their body and stretching out their muscles.

when to replace cat scratching post

A final factor to consider when purchasing a new cat scratching post is that it should be stable and not easily knocked over. Just like in the wild, your cat wants to scratch on a stable surface and will not be happy with a flimsy scratching post. If the post wobbles, your cat will most likely not use it and might instead turn to your furniture for scratching.

If you have noticed that your cat is no longer using the scratching post, it is probably time to replace it. If they have been using it for a while and suddenly stop, it could be because they are bored with the post and are looking for somewhere else to scratch. A new cat scratching post can reignite their interest in it and make them want to use it again rather than your sofa.

You can buy premade, ready-to-assemble cat scratching posts, or you can simply use a roll of sisal rope to make your own. The best glue to use for fixing the rope onto the post is a liquid construction adhesive. Start at the bottom of the post and wind the rope up, gluing as you go. You can also use twine or string, though you will have to be careful not to let it slip down and catch your cat’s claws. When you are done, your new scratching post should be as solid and sturdy as your cat’s furniture and should be a welcome addition to their playtime.

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