BBC TopGear ‘My dad had one of those’ Book Review

One of the best ways to remember days gone by is to look at old photographs. We all remember the past more easily when we flip through family photo albums. You can get nostalgic again with Giles Chapman’s BBC TopGear book MY DAD HAD ONE OF THOSE.

This little 140-page hardcover book is packed with actual photos of vintage cars dating from the 1950s to the 1980s. You’re sure to find your dad’s old car, and you’re sure to find the cars you loved as a kid. My favorite is the Ford Mustang from the late 60’s and even early 70’s.

See how the cars of yesterday did their best to keep up with the changing needs of the community around them as you turn page by page. Pickup trucks, soft tops, and stereos were just some of the ways car designers tried to handle our growing families, energetic lifestyles, and desire to have rock and roll with us at all times.

No matter what your family car was, it was somehow part of the family and Dad appreciated it. Evenings on the pier, family picnics in the park, Sunday drives to Grandma’s house all come to life with this clever little book on the classics in our driveways.

For those of you who enjoy old media, you will also find this book a delight. See some of the original marketing photos of some of the vehicles he grew up in, and reminisce about simpler times with mom and dad.

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