Car hire in Northern Cyprus

If you need to spend a few beautiful days of your lovely life in Cyprus, then hiring will be your first requirement. Cyprus is formally known as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and is situated in the north of the island of Cyprus, with Nicosia as its capital. There is a hot season in Northern Cyprus and an affordable car would be your main necessity to make your stay enjoyable. It is very easy in Cyprus to rent a car for your business trip at reasonable prices.

When you arrive here at the airport in Northern Cyprus, you will find some great deals on renting a car. The only thing would be to choose a more suitable package. As mentioned above, your vehicle would be the most functional part of your trip. So if you mistakenly select a wrong package with quite high rates, it can hit your budget badly during the trip and it will create stress.

If it’s hot, you should rent a car with air conditioning. Both automatic and manual cars are available with air conditioning for use during the summer season. In Cyprus, the temperature sometimes rises to 30 degrees. Car rates vary by season.

The summer season is considered peak for tourists. Therefore, car rental companies offer discount rates of 10 to 20%. This discounted package is also available when booking online. If you can drive yourself, then it will cost less than buying a car with a driver. I hope you get the best services and exceptional comfort during your stay in this beautiful island.

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