Christmas Present For Him: Top Ten Inexpensive Gift Ideas For 2010

The most important part of Christmas shopping is obviously the gifts. Sometimes ideas don’t really light up in our minds. There is another real limitation: the budget. However, if you are looking for a great Christmas present for him without breaking the bank, I hope these ideas will definitely help you.

1. Magazines – a cheap and impressive gift idea for Christmas; For less than $ 10, you can consider a full-year subscription to any magazine popular for him like Men’s Health, Field & Stream, Motor Trend, Family Handyman, and many more. The selection should be made with your personal preferences in mind.

2. DVD – In addition to popular movie DVDs, you may consider fitness DVDs as a Christmas present for him. Between $ 10 and $ 15, you can find a wide variety of fitness training DVDs exclusively for men. These DVDs have step-by-step instructions and are intended to meet various fitness goals, including training for weight loss, muscle building, or just keeping fit.

3. T-shirts: Give her a designer t-shirt. Priced at $ 20 or more, there are websites that also feature custom-designed handmade t-shirts to create a unique gift for him.

4. Games: Enjoy your enthusiasm for games this Christmas. Consider popular games like Super Mario Bros, Halo 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and many more. Priced at around $ 25 and up, the sets make a perfect gift for teens and young men.

5. Men’s Beauty & Spa Gift – There’s no reason to assume you’ll ignore your choice. Let him pamper himself and relax for a while. Consider shaving kits, skin and hair care products as this year’s Christmas present for him.

6. Men’s fragrances: fragrances will help you remember your presence every time you wear them. Fragrances can create a very romantic atmosphere. Plus, they are available at various prices to fit any size budget. However, be sure to check before you buy if it is intended for men.

7. Gadgets: You can also consider useful electronic gadgets like car GPS unit, Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player sunglasses; E-book readers like Amazon Kindle or nook, and many more. As such, guys love gadgets. You can consider any device or accessory suitable for the device you already own. In particular, the USB flash drive is a really affordable but very useful gift.

8. Food Gift: Food gift certificates are something you can consider to win her heart. Let him choose his favorite cuisine and preferred delivery date. These certificates are sure to make a great gift for any man.

9. Hand tools or garden supplies: You can consider any of these as a Christmas present for him. Consider a kit rather than a single unit. Obviously, this idea will not work for everyone. The recipient must have some kind of affinity for home improvement or gardening to appreciate this gift.

10. Jewelry: Nothing can compare to jewelry as a Christmas gift for him. Bracelets, rings, cufflinks, and pendants are among the most popular options. There is no reason to assume that original jewelry will invariably be very expensive. On the contrary, with a little effort, you can find stunning jewelry within the limit of your budget.

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