Do you have 5 to 6 inches? Here’s the HONEST truth about whether or not you’re long enough! Read!

In the title I said “5 to 6 inches” for only one reason: anyone who is under 5 inches already knows they are small and need to grow. I don’t think a man with a 4.5 inch penis can honestly say to himself, “I’m average.” And anyone over 6 inches already thinks he’s the biggest, most hung guy. Those who are around 5 inches are the ones who have to know what their size means the most.

For starters, the average penis size is 6.17 inches. It’s funny to hear how guys with 6 inch penises think they are way above average because “average is 5 inches” when the truth is they are BELOW average.

I have 5 inches, is that enough?

Of course, it depends on what it is “enough” for. Studies have shown that 5 inches can be enough (it’s the minimum) to give women orgasms. However, 5-inch people have to climb a mountain for women to orgasm. They have to get everything right, from foreplay to sexual positions to getting to the “right” places.

A guy with a, say, 7.5 inch penis has a MUCH easier job. The fact is that a penis that size will easily be able to touch the cervix, which has been shown to be the most powerful orgasm trigger in women, even more so than the clitoris.

The depth of the cervix depends on the woman in question. Shorter women will have them closer to the opening, but if you want to please a woman who is taller than 5’5″, then to touch her cervix you will need a penis that is longer than 7 inches.

Still, it’s impossible to say “5 inches is enough.” Yes, it’s technically “enough”, but you have to do a lot of work to satisfy your partner, while you can easily enlarge your penis 1-4 inches with a few exercises and have a much easier job of pleasing every woman you are. . with.

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