Experteer Review – Experteer Premium Subscription Service Review

During September and October 2008, I was an active user of’s premium subscription and these are my honest comments and review of their services.

DISCLAIMER: I am not affiliated in any way with any recruitment company, job portal, HR company or Headhunter. The thoughts shared here are only from my personal experience. Any recommendation is based on my opinion only and nothing more.

The web / Usability…OK

In general, I must say that I am satisfied with the usability of the site. Filling out the forms and entering your profile data is easy and intuitive. The advanced search criteria and additional filtering capabilities are really cool. The web allows you to refine the search results by salary, km distance from your base city, country and a scoring system. It doesn’t have as many features and capabilities as Monster, but I’d say it’s okay.

Exposure to headhunters… Really?

One of the things they advertise is that Experteer is the place where all headhunters in Europe go to find candidates… Well, it may or may not be true, but all I can tell you is what happened to me. profile: was viewed 1 (yes, one) time by a headhunter during the 2 months I was subscribed to their service. Just to clarify, I had 100% of my profile complete (so there was no excuse for me to be excluded or down-ranked because my profile was incomplete). If there’s one thing they need to work on, I’d say it’s here: they need more recruiters/headhunters to use their service.

Access to “hidden” offers…NO

One important thing is that they do not have access (at least in my experience) to exclusive or offline job opportunities; that is to say, everything that you will be able to find in Experteer is already online. This is an important clarification because many specialized headhunters, and more specifically in the labor market of more than 60,000EUR, do have positions that are either exclusive to them or are not advertised.

Access to real job offers of 60,000EUR+?… YES

In fact, this is one of the few but important positive things that I got from their service: they have a wide, up-to-date and real base of job offers that offer salaries of more than 60,000 EUR; not like other online recruiters. Of course, you will eventually find some broken links or offers that appear in search results, but have expired, but I would say that this happened in a small percentage of the time. A rough estimate would be that 90-95% of the offers that appear in your search results are real, have not expired, and are in fact positions over €60,000.

As a conclusion, I would say that if you have a lot of time to do your research (perhaps if you are unemployed), it may not make sense to pay for the premium subscription given that most of what you will find can be found. yourself. On the other hand, if you don’t have a lot of time or maybe you’re still employed, you might not get any exclusives or offers, but you can save some time researching… and if you’re making more than 60,000 EUR a year, it may be worth it. worth a try for 25 EUR per month.

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