How to Record Xbox 360 Games Using ImgBurn

imgBurn is a free tool that allows you to burn all kinds of CDs, DVDs, and Blu-Ray discs. It works for PC CDs, Music CDs, and even Xbox 360 games, and here’s how to record your 360 games with it.

Before you can burn any Xbox 360 game, you must first obtain the ISO and DVD files that will be used to burn the disc. These files are crucial and can be copied from the game CD or downloaded from the Internet. Once you have the ISO and .DVD file for the game you want to burn, you need to install imgBurn on your system. This is quite simple and the software can be downloaded from

Once you’ve installed the software, you’ll need to open your game’s .dvd file. There, there will be a LAYER BREAK number, which you need to copy to your clipboard with CRTL + C. Copy it and then open imgBurn and find the “options” panel at the top of the screen. Open the options window and then find the “break layer” setting, where you will need to paste that number with CRTL + V.

Once you have pasted the layer break number into settings, you can close them and go back to the main imgburn screen (layer break is where the recorder stops recording one layer and moves to the next layer of the double layer DVD ). On the main screen, you need to click the “Burn from image” button, which will then open a new screen, asking you to open an ISO file. Open the game file you have and then proceed to change the ‘write speed’ of the program to 4X. This will give the highest success rate. After that, you just need to click the big button at the bottom left of the screen for it to burn.

Most computers will take around 40 minutes to record the game, but if you’ve done it right, it should finish and be successful. This means that you now have an Xbox game burned to a blank DVD, congratulations! However, in order to play, you have to do some other things on your PC and console that are not many, but they are crucial.

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