Issues – My husband is having an affair because I let myself go!

Your husband has just told you that he has had an affair. He says he still loves you, but the new woman is exciting and cares about her appearance. His question for you is. Why did you get carried away?

Matters are heartbreakers. They often appear like lightning out of nowhere and leave a path of betrayal and disaster. When your husband explains that he had an affair because you no longer look like the girl he married, it’s going to hurt a lot. One part of you is so angry and you want to throw something away while the other part wants to pack a suitcase and leave.

Does he have a point? When you first met, you were meticulous in your dress code. Your hair was always beautiful and your makeup was perfect. The thing is, men are very affected by appearance and if your Cinderella suddenly turns into the ugly stepsister, can you blame him for looking elsewhere? Men have a different point of view on things like this as they are more sexually motivated. They have more naked girl magazines in the stands than we do about naked men. Catch us at the store ogling us on the center page? No, we are too busy shopping and buying new shoes for the children.

So after having a few kids, you may have gotten carried away. You may have added some weight and haven’t been to the salon in a while. You may yell at your husband that you don’t understand what it’s like to be pregnant. But will you listen? The problem here is that he may be the most loving father in the world, but he still wants his wife to look good.

If regaining your appearance means saving the marriage, it is surely worth it. Please do not get me wrong. I am a strong and very independent woman, but I keep myself in good shape. It makes me feel great and adds to the romance.

Sometimes when women are having babies, they don’t feel the same as men. Since kids don’t put up with a lot of change, their urges and needs don’t change. You see, men think they signed a contract that meant this beautiful woman they married would stay looking good forever. When you’re ready to jump ship on marriage, maybe you’ll think of a quick makeover first and remember that men think differently.

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