swingers and body image

What may surprise you is that swingers report a better body image from the experience. By showing themselves to someone other than their partner, their image of themselves changes drastically.

But why is this?

all shapes and sizes

If you go to a lot of clubs or swingers, you’ll probably realize that no one is perfect. In fact, you will see that many swingers are ordinary people.

Not all of us are models or erotic dancers.

We are teachers and retirees, workers and secretaries. We are just your common people who like to enjoy the swing.

And as you look around you and realize that anyone and everyone can be beautiful, you’re well on your way to seeing how you fit into the grand scheme of things. Very well thank you.

break stereotypes

When you realize that other swingers may look like you, you begin to see that beauty isn’t necessarily what we’ve been told.

What is pleasant for one person does not apply to all. Men don’t always like big breasts or flat stomachs. Women are not looking for hard abs or massive shoulders.

Each of the genders can appreciate the other for what it is.

When you accept your role in a swinger relationship, you show another couple who you really are. And it’s your personality and your willingness to share yourself with others that really turn people on.

It’s not the size of your waist or the rise of your buttocks; it is the fact that you love your partner so much that you want to share everything with him or her.

Overcome sexual complexes

Although you may have guessed this, seasoned swingers report having less sexual anxiety than before they started.

If you’ve ever thought about what this or that looks like when in such and such a position, add another person and you’ll have a whole different set of likes and dislikes to manage.

But once you realize that you can enjoy it and that you can please someone other than your partner, then the sky is the limit on what you can do.

seeing the force

As you progress in your swinger relationship, you will find that you constantly have feelings of overwhelming love for your partner. Not only have they conquered some fears (probably), but they have also been able to share themselves with another loving partner.

Realizing that your commitment is strong enough to start and continue that transition will solidify your marriage or relationship.

And that in turn makes you feel better about yourself. You walk with your head held high and with an air of confidence. You are an amazing person with an amazing partner, and no one can touch that.

Your body image will be positively affected by a dynamic lifestyle, but that’s not all you can do. Focus on the good aspects of your body and celebrate it on your own.

And soon you will hear that little voice in your head telling you that you are horny all the time.

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