The number one exercise to lose weight fast

If you ask most people this question, they will usually answer that the best exercise to lose weight fast is cardiovascular exercise. If you ask them what kind of cardio to do, the answers will vary a lot. Everyone has their favorite form of cardio that they will stick with and do day after day, week after week, year after year if they are diligent and committed.

Most people don’t know enough about how to effectively challenge their bodies to get stronger, including their hearts, and to maximize their calorie-burning potential. Cardio training is great for getting your heart rate up and helping to condition and strengthen you. It will also help you burn calories, lose unwanted body fat, and lose weight.

The problem is that most people, once they find a cardio exercise they like, will stick with it long after it has ceased to be effective in helping them reach their goals. Here’s what I mean: If I start lifting weights and at first I have a hard time lifting 10 pounds over my head, sooner or later it will get easier. After doing the exercise for a while, lifting 10 pounds won’t be a challenge at all. My muscles will no longer be stimulated and will stop growing.

The same goes for cardio training. If I run the same distance every day, or spend the same amount of time on the elliptical at the same intensity every day, eventually my body will adapt to the challenge and my progress will stall. My potential to burn calories will peak and I will not lose any more weight or body fat.

So the best exercise to lose weight fast is called interval training. Interval training simply means varying the type and intensity of cardio you’re doing within the same workout or session by session. One of the best interval training combinations would be doing some form of

of cardiovascular exercise and weight training in the same training session. Research has shown us that people who do this type of training burn calories for much longer, even after the exercises are over, compared to people who only do cardio or weight training.

In interval training it is important to vary the types of exercises, the intensity and the duration of each exercise session. Varying these factors keeps your body’s muscles and cardiovascular system challenged to continue to strengthen and grow, as well as maximizing your body’s calorie-burning potential.

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