Why Married Men Have Affairs can help you with Affair Repair Strategies to Save Your Marriage

Affair Repair: Why Married Men Have Affairs

Part of effectively working through the process of repairing an affair in your marriage is learning why married men have affairs. There are a million rules for women about marriage, but if you really want to resolve her affair, you need to learn why her husband cheated on her and had an intimate sexual relationship with another woman.

Men cheat for different reasons.

Men have affairs for many reasons. It is not easy to identify a simple reason why. The most basic reason you had an affair is because you wanted to. There is no man on Earth who reluctantly decided that he wanted to continually cheat on his wife. Period.

Why Married Men Have Affairs: He Wanted Sexual Variety

Married men have affairs with other women due to their desire to experience sexual variety. Sometimes a married man may desire a woman who is physically different in appearance from the one he has at home. A blonde woman who looks different from her redheaded or brunette wife may draw the attention of a cheating husband, but at the end of the day, it is her desire to go ahead and sleep with her that is to blame for her. .

This is also true if the husband’s wife has a body type that no longer turns him on. Women who gain weight after marriage tend to reject their husbands, who unrealistically expect their wives to look exactly as they did on the day they got married.

Why Married Men Have Affairs: I Was Mad At You

Married men have affairs out of personal desire, and others go a step further and cheat on their wives simply because they have nothing better to come up with as a form of revenge against their wives. If you’ve consistently insulted your husband, whether it’s because of his looks, his ability to provide, his inability to perform sexually, or anything that might hurt his ego, then there’s a good chance he’s beating you up. cheat to avenge you. you.

Yes, cheating for revenge is low and dirty, but what can you expect from someone who doesn’t know how to talk about how hurt they are by your actions?

On the other hand, if your husband has tried to talk to you about how badly your attitude has made him feel about himself and the marriage, and you have ignored this, is there a way for you to take some responsibility for doing so? much easier for him to trick you?

Issue repair can help you

If you’re struggling to find affair-repair strategies to save your marriage after an affair, then chances are you’re really interested in making it work. Try to figure out why married men have affairs and start with these reasons as a method of discussing why your husband had his affairs.

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